Nokia Launches Ovi Maps 3D Beta

Looks like Nokia is getting in on the Google Earth action while Microsoft's getting out. Found on engadget : 

"Still searching for today's internet time sink? Then look no further than Nokia's just launched beta version of Ovi Maps 3D. Thanks to a little help from Navteq's maps and some software wizardry, it's now able to display cities in a new 3D view that you're able to zoom in and around to your heart's content. You can also do the same thing in Google Earth's 3D view, of course, but Nokia just might have a leg up in some respects. Unfortunately, it's still staying mum on exactly how it all works, but you can dive right in and start exploring for yourself at the link below."

First impression, navigation is a little quirky, coverage isn't all there however 3d model quality where available is best in class. Highly impressed with the texture detail that went into the models. The models were also very fast to load on my machine. Overall, pretty good for a first release.

Re: Nokia Launches Ovi Maps 3D Beta

It actually looks like there isn't any 3D models per say. All models are stitched into the terrain. This method obviously restricts you to having models that don't have any overhangs, however it looks really good with the high resolution textures. Reminds me of what Skyline did with their 3D scenes a while back.

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