GeoAPI 3.0 Interface Standard Becomes an OGC Standard

The OGC has been busy lately. Via internal email I learned of the press release announcing that the GeoAPI Implementation Standard is now an OGC standard.

The GeoAPI 3.0 overview: "The GeoAPI Implementation Standard defines, through the GeoAPI library, a Java language application programming interface (API) including a set of types and methods which can be used for the manipulation of geographic information structured following the specifications adopted by the Technical Committee 211 of the International Organization for (ISO) and by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). This standard standardizes the informatics contract between the client code which manipulates normalized data structures of geographic information based on the published API and the library code able both to instantiate and operate on these data structures according to the rules required by the published API and by the ISO and OGC standards."

We mentioned GeoAPI a few times in the past in the context of the open source GeoTools.

Re: GeoAPI 2.0 Interface Standard Becomes an OGC Standard

Actually the GeoAPI version number is 3.0. GeoAPI 2.0 was the version published by the OGC GO-1 project a few years ago.

The GeoTools project from version 2.0 to 2.7 implemented various versions of GeoAPI 2.x interfaces. Starting from GeoTools 8, they use their own copy of GeoAPI interfaces in order to have the freedom to modify them as they see fit.

GeoAPI 3.0 is implemented by the project version 3.18 or above. As of April 27th 2011, the GeoAPI and JAR files are not yet deployed to Maven central repository, but this is work is in progress. More information can been found at for the GeoAPI 3.0 release, and for some implementations.

Re: GeoAPI 3.0...

Thanks for the history. Fixed the typo in the story title.