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Batch Geonews: 89% Use Google Maps, New Google Maps UI and iPad app Available, Esri UC Round Up, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode. Several interesting bits in there that may have deserved a full entry, but it's Summer time and I'm on holidays :-)

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Batch Geonews: GeoServer WMS Animator, Trimble Custom Topo Maps, Esri at 41% Marketshare, and much more

Here's the recent geonews that we haven't mentioned yet, in batch mode.

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Esri International User Conference 2011 Summary

Last week was Esri's International User Conference 2011, one of the biggest geospatial events and pertinent even to those who don't use Esri software on a daily basis. There's an estimated 15,000 attendees for the whole week. Here's what I found the most interesting on the geoblogs - well worth reading.

Other Esri geonews we mentioned recently: Several Esri Products Renamed, No More ArcInfo and ArcViewEsri's File Geodatabase API version 1.0 Available and ArcGIS for Home Use Program.


Open Source / Data Geonews: MapGuide 2.2, GeoRepository and GeoServer-Manager, OpenStreetMap News, and more

Here's the recent geospatial open source / data news for the last 8 days or so.

On geospatial open source:

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Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, 2nd Edition Available

John Krygier and Denis Wood, the authors of the book 'Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS', 2nd Edition, informs us that it is now available.

From their own pre-publication reviews: "The book uses extraordinary map exemplars to address the full range of basic cartographic concepts and to demonstrate many subtle and advanced design techniques as well. Addressing current social issues including map agendas, ethics, and democracy, it is the kind of book that will inspire readers and cultivate admiration for the field. [...] The second edition meets the needs and expectations of the ‘Google generation’ of map users while remaining true to the guiding principles that govern how maps look, work, and function. The very accessible, extensively illustrated format makes the book easily usable by students at all levels, as well as those taking steps to develop expertise in cartographic design."

Here's The Map Room review of the first edition in 2006, and he liked it.

On Amazon:

Book Review: Map Scripting 101

Yesterday, James Fee shared his enthousiasm for Adam Duvander's "Map Scripting 101" book about web mapping.

From the review: "Adam starts off with some simple maps built on a couple APIs, but quickly gets into how you can use Mapstraction to simplify it. Once he gets beyond the intro to creating maps with these APIs, he gets into some samples that should get the attention of those who this book was written for. [...] Adam also got into some of the formats that are important to web mappers; GeoRSS, GeoJSON, KML and even threw in a MySQL example. [...] The one thing about the whole book though is that it is clear that Adam is a great writer who is excited about technology and it shows. The book is very accessible for beginners and even intermediates who might want to get more familiar with Mapstraction."

We already linked to the review of the same book by Geoweb Guru.

Review of "The GIS 20 Essential Skills" Book

The V1 Magazine reviews "The GIS 20 Essential Skills" book by Gina Clemmer published at ESRI Press.

From the conclusion: "'The GIS 20 Essential Skills' provides valuable supportive information to new and experienced GIS. It does contain the 20 essential skills for working with a GIS and many people will find that the author's experience is evident in every single chapter. The book is concise, focused and provides the details that one needs to know to work with ArcGIS, including those transitioning within ArcGIS versions. First time users or even those who may have forgotten some of the basic skills and the way to accomplish them will appreciate this book. The graphics are exceptional, the text and the graphics logical. This book makes a lot of sense and will have you making sense of ArcGIS effectively and quickly."

Here's the book on the ESRI Press website, including the actual list of the 20 essential skills.

Friday Geonews: Twitter's Tweet with Location, GPS Reviews, Japan GNSS, AutoCAD for Mac, and much more

As you know, with the website migration and my attendance at FOSS4G, there haven't been a 'Friday geonews' batch mode for a while. Well, there it is!


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