Google Geonews: Google Maps Cube Game Unleashes, Photo Tours in Google Maps Announced, New 45° Imagery, and much more

Some pretty interesting Google geonews in batch mode.

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Trimble To Acquire Google SketchUp

This comes as a surprise to many, Slashdot discusses Trimble To Acquire Google SketchUp.

Their summary: "It looks like Google is selling off SketchUp or, conversely, Trimble is acquiring it. Despite several indications there will continue to be a free version of the 3D modelling software, users are unsure about what this will mean for the SketchUp community at large as indicated by the comments on the official Google SketchUp Blog post. They are, however, rejoicing that they will be freed from Groups for SketchUp discussions."

From the Trimble press release: "[...] we are committed to continuing to provide SketchUp as a free version to millions of users."

We of course mentioned tons of times SketchUp, which is a popular tool to generate 3D models. Trimble also found the road to our users quite a few times.

Switzerland in 3D using WebGL

The demo version of a potential 3D Viewer for geo.admin.ch - the geo-portal of the Swiss Confederation - is online at http://swiss3d.openwebglobe.org until July 31, 2012.

The 3D Viewer is based on the open source globe “OpenWebGlobe” using WebGL.

The scene convers entire Switzerland and is based on high resolution data from swisstopo: SWISSIMAGE, DHM25 and swissBOUNDARIES3D as well as extracts from swissBUILDINGS3D.

In addition, textured 3D objects from FHNW Muttenz and EPFL Lausanne are available. Outside the area with high-resolution data, Blue Marble from “NASA’s Earth Observatory” is used.

The total amount of texture and geometry data exceeds 2 TB and is being handled using the cloud from Amazon Web Services.

This demo has been developed by FHNW - University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, camptocamp SA, the Federal Office of Topography, Switzerland, and geo.admin.ch.


screenshot from http://swiss3d.openwebglobe.org



Batch Geonews: 3D OpenLayers, MapQuest APIs for Android and iOS, Pitney Bowes' Geosk, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

From the open source and open data front:

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Batch Geonews: 180,000 Free OrbView-3 Scenes, Car AR Driving, PostGISonline, Bing Maps Updates, Autodesk and Pitney Bowes Alliance, Obesity and Car Travel, and much much more

​This batch mode edition is unusually long. It covers the past month and a bit more. Yes, that's way too much and I won't try to repeat the experience ;-) Here's what I considered pertinent enough to share with you. Exceptionally, in some cases I haven't gave attribution to the source of the news, thank you for your comprehension.

On the geospatial open source front:

On the Esri front:

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On the remote sensing front:

On the GNSS / GPS front:

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Extending GIS into data management: more 3D on free geoscience dataset

Bloggage update: Free geosciences 3D data show GIS helping model reservoir depletion, and displaying it on the desktop and on-line. Then came pipeline routing and now to close the loop is gridding and contouring. Again, this is no replacement for geosciences packages, but rather a tool for triage. [...] Starting with ArcMap 9, 3D Analyst extension under “spline with barriers”  handles grids with faults like we do in petroleum, no small thanks to “the two Steves”, Kopp of Esri and Zoraster ex of Zycor. I posted on Arcgis Online the project resulting from this workflow. [...] Beyond traditional visualisation, GIS is thus also used for data management. Next posts will further extend the workflow into data connection and acquisition on and off the web.

Google Geonews: Numerous New 45° and 3D Cities, New Map Maker UI, Google Launches Schemer, and much more

Here's the recent Google-related geonews.

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Batch Geonews: Tracking Santa Claus, MapInfo Stratus, Seamless USGS Topo Maps, Wikileaks Spyfiles Map, and much more

A lot of interesting geonews in this 'batch mode' edition.

On the Google front:

On the Esri front:

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And as a bonus for reading this, see this wonderful time-lapse movie from the International Space Station around the world in 90 minutes

Google Geonews: Maps API Drawing Library, Opting out of Google Location Server, Fluid Nebula, and much more

Here's the recent Google-related geonews.

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Wemo Media Unveils Global Art Entertainment Experience: theBlu.com

Wemo Media Unveils Global Art Entertainment Experience: theBlu.com

Academy Award Winners, Top-Tier Universities and Digital Creators From All Around the Globe Join Wemo Media's mission to Create the World’s Largest Art and Entertainment Project

LOS ANGELES, CA - October 18, 2011 – Wemo Media (http://www.wemomedia.com), collaborating with digital industry leaders, including Avatar Academy Award winning animation director Andy Jones and MIT Media Lab director Joichi Ito, announced today the launch of their “Maker Media” platform, which enables artists and developers around the world to peer-produce globally shared media.

Wemo Media's first project, theBlu (http://theblu.com), bringing the Ocean to life on the web, is a global mission to create art and entertainment on a scale that was not possible before the Internet. Using the Maker Media Platform, theBlu engages people from around the world to create and experience shared art in real time online.

“I’ve always thought it would be cool to create a simulation of the ocean with all the vast variety of species, but every time I would consider it, I’d realize that it was just too ambitious,” said Oscar-winning Visual Effects Supervisor and lead member of theBlu, Kevin Mack. “But theBlu makes this possible because you have thousands of artists from all over the world collaborating.”

theBlu promises to marry the Web’s billions of points of interaction with the Ocean’s millions of diverse elements in a nexus where the Web is, itself, a new medium for artistic expression. Imagine hundreds of thousands of aquatic species in tens of thousands of underwater habitats – all beautiful works of art created by artists and developers all over the world, swimming across the Web via phones, tablets and computers from Los Angeles to London, Madrid to Mumbai and Sao Paulo to Seoul.

Wemo Media Leadership Team member and Academy Award Winner Louie Psihoyos, Director of The Cove states, “One of the biggest problems that the oceans face is that people don't see what's going on in the Ocean. This project is a way for people to put their heads under the water without getting wet, a terrific way for people to not only see the Ocean but actually create it.”

theBlu is the first of many such Maker Media titles that Wemo Media will be releasing through its groundbreaking Maker Media Platform. This disruptive media creation platform welcomes all types of creatives – artists, software engineers, animators, composers – to collaborate from all over the world. Currently in private beta, the Maker Media Platform has already been embraced by top-tier universities around the world, including MIT, USC and CMU, whose students are some of the first “Makers” on the innovative platform.

Director of the MIT Media Lab, Joichi Ito, and advisor to Wemo Media said, “My life, and now even more so with the MIT Media Lab, has been about pulling together things that aren’t normally together. The really interesting thing about theBlu is how it brings together the biology, the activism of conservation, the beauty and the artistic elements as well as the grassroots, participatory maker media movement. I'm very excited about the possibilities ahead.”

Makers in theBlu select the species and habitats they want to create, and submit their art on the Maker Platform for curation. Makers showcase their art to a global audience while they connect with a community of peers, receive direct feedback from world-class digital makers, like Kevin Mack and Andy Jones, and get paid for their contributions based on the popularity of their creations.

“We’re just getting started. TheBlu is in private beta and we invite you to join early and become a seminal part of this global collaborative art and entertainment movement,” said Founder and CEO Neville Spiteri. “We are passionate about the enabling power of the social web, we are moved by creations that strike global chords, like Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album and Google Earth, and we are inspired by the great storytellers of our time, like James Cameron and John Lasseter. theBlu represents a new art form where the canvas is the web and the topic and the inspiration is nature, the Ocean; an amazing combination of ‘code + data = art’, with everybody contributing from all over the world, together, on the web.”

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