New map announcement: Baghdad, Iraq on Android at

Byron Como has released a new map of the City of Baghdad, Iraq for the
Android tablet platform on the app store. The map is
published in five parts.

A Traveler's Encyclopedic Map To the City of Baghdad, Iraq is an
up-to-date map of Baghdad. This app was created with modern, open-source
software. The map shows detailed representation of streets, mosques,
shopping areas, and government centers. Car repair shops and gas
stations are also represented. The map features vibrant colors and
descriptive icons with a detailed legend. A handy series of distance
rings shows the scale. The app comes complete with a north arrow and
Mecca direction finder.

A New Map of Baghdad, Iraq

A new map of the city of Baghdad, Iraq has been published by Byron Como. It was created using the open source software Quantum GIS. Three years in the making the map contains approximately 45,000 objects of which 43,000 are polygons. The map is 30" x 48" at a scale of 1-1/2" = 1 mile. All property types are identified by color at the block level. Thousands of features are identified including place names, district boundaries, mosques, schools, gas stations, car repair shops, shopping locations and more. The map is assigned ISBN 978-0-615-43936-5. It is currently listed on Ebay under "Baghdad Map". A major effort and worth a look by any cartographic expert. Enquires and comments can be sent to [email protected].

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