WhereCamp Berlin is back with the 3rd edition



As organizers of WhereCamp Berlin, we would like to announce that WhereCamp is coming back to Berlin on 21st of June at Beuth University.


Barcamps or so-called "unconferences" procedure allows a faster experience and knowledge across organizational boundaries. 

WhereCamp is also a BarCamp and within the 3rd edition of the event, we want to give to  the geo communities the opportunity to share the newest projects in the geo-area and to present innovative approaches.


We welcome your feedback, your help and we would really appreciate your support in promoting the event. 


Thank you,

Adela Porumb

Organizing Teamsigimg0@48ae6398d4d0820a94b4838d60aa55a1

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Google+: WhereCamp Berlin 

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The 3rd Edition of Berlin’s Geo-“Unconference”

Berlin, 5th of May 2013

WhereCamp Berlin is back with its 3rd edition of the geo-“unconference”.  This informal event, which covers topics in geography and related technologies, will take place on 21-22 of June 2013 at Beuth University of Applied Science in Berlin. REGISTRATION IS FREE and all geo-locative enthusiasts are welcome to present their projects, ideas and knowledge, or just listen and engage with a community of people immersed in the geo space.

WhereCamp Berlin, now in its third edition, aims to provide a social environment where location nerds are encouraged to exchange ideas between geo-enthusiasts. 

For more information or to get involved with WhereCamp Berlin, please visit:





Saturday Geonews: TileMill 0.4.1, Esri FileGeodatabase API 1.1, GIS with Google Earth, Layar Vision App, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode. Yes, on a Saturday! I'll be away for the next three weeks and dare delay my family's departure to feed you with these.

From the open source front:

From the Esri front:

From the Google front:

On the Microsoft front:

In the miscellaneous category:

In the maps category:

"Ich Bin Geograph" - WhereCamp EU Is Coming To Berlin

In March 2010, Chris Osborne and myself transplanted the post-Where 2.0 WhereCamp from Silicon Valley and brought it to London. Judging by the feedback and comments we got during and after the event, it was a geotastic success and showed that Europe had an appetite for a 2 day, free, unconference on all matters geo. After a brief northbound sojourn as WhereCamp UK in November 2010, we're happy to announce that WhereCamp EU is back for 2011 and with a distinctly European flavour.

Whilst the venue is yet to be confirmed, WhereCamp EU will be taking place on the 27th and 28th of May in Berlin.

We'll keep you posted with more details on the WhereCamp EU blog , on Lanyrd and on our Twitter feed.

"Ich Bin Geograph" (as Google translate tells me).

Google Geonews: Google Using Their Basemaps for 10 More Countries, More on Costa Rica and Nicaragua Boundary, Spatial Queries in Fusion Tables, and much more

Here's recent Google-related geonews.

From the official sources:

From other sources:

Monday Geonews: GeoExt Licensing, MapQuest Down 22%, ESRI Forestry Templates, Wikileaks Iraq War logs Mapped, and much more

I wasn't available to share the recent geonews in batch mode last Friday, so there you go!

On the Google front:

On the Microsoft front:

On the open source / data front:

On the ESRI front:

In the miscellaneous category:

In the maps category:

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