Release of GeoKettle 2.5 and Talend Spatial Module 5.2.1

Some time already since we heard of this open source geospatial ETL tool, GeoKettle 2.5 has been released. Unless I'm mistaken, the other open source geospatial ETL tool formerly named 'Spatial Data Integrator', now known as 'Talend Spatial Module', is at version 5.2.1.

From the announcement: "GeoKettle 2.5’s new features include:

  • WFS (OGC Web Feature Service): Input step for the retrieval of geospatial data directly from an OGC Web Feature Service;
  • CSW (OGC Catalogue Service for the Web): Input and Output steps, introduced in version 2.0, that now support reading from Deegree and MDWeb CSW. The CSW Output step now supports transactions (metadata insertion, update and deletion), tested with in Deegree and GeoNetwork;
  • WPS (OGC Web Processing Service): Client step has been added to invoke remote geoprocesses exposed as WPS, briging new geoprocessing capabilities, tested with Deegree, GeoServer, PyWPS, Zoo WPS and 52North WPS implementations;
  • Use of the new version (1.9.1) of the GDAL/OGR codebase for the OGR Input and Output steps for even more advanced and powerful capabilities;
  • Use of the new version (1.13) of the JTS library to benefit from performance enhancements and bug fixes;
  • New conversion functions have been added to the Calculator step (more build and convert capabilities with WKT, GeoJSON, GML, KML, …);
  • Use of an up-to-date version of the EPSG database, the definition of custom projection introduced in version 2.0 remains possible;
  • Dedidicated installers (Windows, Linux / Debian or Linux / Red Hat, Macintosh) are now available, making the installation experience easier (zip archive still available);
  • Sextante Module: Adds advanced vector-based geoprocessing capabilities based on the Sextante library."

FME 2013 Released

It's this entry from VerySpatial that made me aware of the release of FME 2013 by Safe Software, a popular ETL (extract, transform and load) geospatial tool.

From the official website, with the header 'FME 2013: Explore the Next Frontier of Data Interoperability': "FME 2013 features enhancements and new additions to the FME Platform - the technology powering FME Desktop and FME Server. This version of FME pushes data into new territory with support for more than 300 formats, new and revamped transformation capabilities, greater support for visually informative point cloud and 3D data, and many more features that help you boldly take your data where it hasn’t gone before. Also take it there faster with performance improvements that speed things up and allow you to complete tasks more quickly."

FME 2012 News and Safe Software Major Donation

I am extremely happy to report that Safe Software, the makers of the popular FME spatial ETL tool, have made a big donation to - thank you Safe Software! They're taking the sweet spot of being #1 on our top donors list (on the right-hand column).

Here's what might interest you regarding FME 2012:

  • Contest called "Geography Jones and the Temple of Data", open until Friday which has prizes like an iPad2 and $1500 in travel up for grabs
  • Webinar that will describe what's new and great in FME 2012, offered three times on January 26
  • Details on what's new in FME Desktop and FME Server
  • Blog posts on FME 2012, LiDAR, Google Fusion Tables and more to come later this week

We mentioned FME several times since 2006. In addition to this donation, Safe Software also paid for advertising exclusivity on for a few months (the top banner). Slashgeo is managed by a registered non-profit organization. You can learn more about getting exposure on Slashgeo.

Don't worry, we're not filthy rich now ;-) Despite this welcomed donation, our budget is still far in the red because of hosting and maintenance fees accumulated since 2005 (this doesn't count hundreds of hours spent by our team of volunteers). You can peak at our open budget while it's still there. I'll have to remove it in order to respect the Google terms of service (we already got trouble with them in the past).

Open Source ETL Tools: GeoKettle 2.0 and Spatial Data Integrator 4.2.0 Released

Last week was announced GeoKettle 2.0, an open source spatial ETL (extract transform and load) tool

From the announcement: "GeoKettle, as its name suggests, is based on the widely used and robust generic ETL tool Kettle (aka Pentaho Data Integration or PDI) made « geo-capable » by integrating and leveraging the power of geospatial libraries such as of JTS, GeoTools, OGR, deegree and of course, brand new Spatialytics code." Here's the details of what's new for version 2.0. We mentioned quite a few times GeoKettle the past three years.

There's another open source spatial ETL tool out there that we haven't mentioned for a while, it's Talend's Spatial Data Integrator, with its version 4.2.0 released earlier this month

From their main page: "Spatial module for Talend Open Studio (aka. Spatial Data Integrator or SDI) is an ETL with geospatial capabilities. Likewise regular TOS components, there are basically three sorts of Geo components: input, output and transform components. Input and output components read features from and write feature to datastores, respectively. Transform components read features from their input flows, possibly transform those features, and write features to their output flows. The term transform is to be taken loosely here as it represents any sort of operation."

Safe Software's FME 2011 Released

(I've been sick this week, thus the unusual low amount of stories published... will catch up in the coming days)

Last Tuesday Safe Software announced version 2011 of FME, their popular spatial data transformation platform software.

Several geoblogs offers reactions. Of note, there is:

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