Marble 1.3.0 and "Marble Touch" Released

Marble 1.3 has been released with lots of new gems: Marble — the virtual globe and world atlas — now integrates with KDE Plasma. By allowing for coordinate and bookmark searches, Marble can be opened directly from the Plasma search bar.

The new Elevation Profile shows the incline of routes, which can be edited interactively.

Stargazers can view and track Earth satellites thanks to Marble participation in the European Space Agency (ESA) Summer of Code in Space.

During Google Summer of Code, Marble gained initial support for display of .osm (OpenStreetMap) files in vector format.

Owners of the Nokia N9/N950 are the first to receive the new mobile application Marble Touch.

Further details can be found in the feature guide.

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Technical Overview of the 'Marble' Virtual Globe

We mentioned it three times in the past, here's now a technical overview of Marble, an open source virtual globe for KDE and Qt.

From the overview: "Marble is an open source digital globe application that is capable of displaying a number of local and Internet data sources. Intended for educational applications, Marble could be likened to an "open source Google Earth". Marble is cross-platform and has versions for the KDE environment and Qt. [...] So in conclusion, Marble is good at what it is intended for. Data resolution is limited, but it has an interesting set of different map types, plus a well implemented gazetteer which should prove useful for its intended educational mission."

Marble globe to be OSM enabled in KDE 4.1 desktop

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Mark Williamson writes "As described on Torsten Rahn's blog, the KDE 4.1 desktop environment is slated to include OpenStreetMap support in the Marble desktop globe. Marble will be able to download map tiles from the OSM servers and display them on its own globe interface. This is in addition to the various other map resources already provided by Marble.

This has also been discussed on the OSM-talk mailing list."

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