Batch Geonews: TIGER 2013, ArcGIS for WordPress, RTK GPS for $2k, Yosemite Fires, and much more

Catching up the August geonews, we're now all up to date with this way too long entry.

On the open source front:

On the Esri front:

Discussed over Slashdot:

In the miscellaneous category:

In the maps category:

Open Source Geonews: OSM2GIS, OSGeo-Live 6.5, OSGeo Board Priorities, OpenBlock Project, JTS Union VS ArcGIS Dissolve, and much more

Still catching up, here's the recent open source geospatial news.

New software:

Software updates front:

Everything else:

Geonews CatchUp: QGIS vs gvSIG, Landsat 8 Milestone, Shaderlight 2, osmdroid, and too much more

That's probably our biggest "geonews in batch mode" issue ever. That's the price I have to pay for three weeks of holidays! ;-) I tried to keep only the most pertinent geonews. After reading this unusually long entry, you and I are back to being up to date in terms of geonews.

On the Google front:

On the ESRI front:

On the open source front:

In GPS news:

In Apple news:

In Microsoft news:

In transportation news:

In remote sensing news:

In the miscellaneous category:

In the maps category:

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