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McKinsey estimates that exploitation of location data will yield $800 billion annually to companies and to end users.  Learn more about the statistical foundations of spatial analysis in David Unwin’s online courses at Statistics.com.

(1) Nov 8 - Dec 6:  Spatial Statistics (with GIS)

(2) Dec 13 - Jan 17:  Spatial Analysis Techniques in R

“Spatial Statistics with GIS” includes practical work with GIS software, and covers the spatial analytical methods that GIS users need to make best use of both their spatial data and their GIS, and answer such questions as:  Is there an unusual cluster of crimes/cases of a disease here that we need to worry about?  Do my data show variation across the country that I need to know about? 

“Spatial Analysis in R” assumes you are familiar with R, and with the material in #1, and will teach users how to implement spatial statistical analysis procedures using R software. Topics covered include point pattern analysis, identifying clusters, measures of spatial association, geographically weighted regression and surface procession. 

Dr. David Unwin is Emeritus Chair of Geography at Birkbeck College, and Visiting Professor in the Department of Geomatic Engineering at University College, both in the University of London. His work using and developing spatial statistics in research stretches back some 40 years, and he has authored over a hundred academic papers in the field, together with a series of texts, of which the most recent are his “Geographic Information Analysis, 2nd edition” (with D. O'Sullivan, 2010) and a series of edited collections at the interface between geography and computer science in “Visualization in GIS” (Hearnshaw and Unwin, 1994), “Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS” (Fischer, Scholten and Unwin, 1996) “Virtual Reality in Geography” (Fisher and Unwin, 2002) and, most recently representation issues in “Re-presenting GIS” (Fisher and Unwin, 2005). Having developed the world's first wholly internet-delivered Master's program in GIS in 1998, David Unwin has considerable experience of teaching and tutoring online.  Participants can ask questions and exchange comments directly with Dr. Unwin via a private discussion board during the course.

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The course takes place online at Statistics.com in a series of 4 weekly lessons and assignments, and requires about 15 hours/week.  Participate at your own convenience; there are not set times when you are required to be online.

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