Esri Geonews: ArcGIS for Home Use Program, ArcGIS Explorer Build 1700 Released, and more

Here's recent Esri-related geonews.

Friday Geonews: ESRI's Open Source Geoportal Server, Yahoo Local Offers, REST Explained Again, MapQuest My Maps, and much more

Here's the weekly batch of geonews, finally on a regular Friday.

On the ESRI front:

  • Recently, ESRI open sourced the ESRI Geoportal Server. Some twitter users were quick to mention that you still need ArcGIS Server software to use the Geoportal Server. [UPDATE: see comments below, it seems such a license is not a requirement after all.] To me, that's still a nice step. Their definition of a geoportal: "A geoportal is a gateway to Web-based geospatial resources, enabling users to discover, view and access geospatial information and services made available by their providing organizations. Likewise, data providers can use the geoportal to make their geospatial resources discoverable, viewable, and accessible to others."
  • The popular blog SpatiallyAdjusted shares some elements that could be improved about the ArcGIS 10 user interface

On the open source front:

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Monday Geonews: GeoExt Licensing, MapQuest Down 22%, ESRI Forestry Templates, Wikileaks Iraq War logs Mapped, and much more

I wasn't available to share the recent geonews in batch mode last Friday, so there you go!

On the Google front:

On the Microsoft front:

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On the ESRI front:

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ESRI Releases GeoServices REST Specification

As was announced at the ESRI UC, the GeoServices REST Specification, Version 1.0 hashit the streets.

"The GeoServices REST Specification works with a hierarchy of resources. Each service type recognized by the GeoServices REST Specification (map, geocode, and so on) is a resource and has a unique URL. Although a REST system always returns only representations of resources to client, for the sake of simplicity, the resources of the GeoServices REST Specification are divided into two types: resources and operations. "

James Fee's Blog has more information:

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