Batch Geonews: SOTM 2013 Overview, ArcGIS Online Updates, Google Earth for Teachers, and more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode. With FOSS4G 2013 next week, I expect exciting news soon!

On the open source / open data front:

On the Esri front:

On the Google front:

In the everything-else category:

State of the Map 2013 registration is now open to be held in Birmingham, UK 6-8th Sept 2013 is now open for Early Bird registration. Accommodation on-site at Aston University is also available for those who get in quick.

Monday Geonews: ArcGIS Explorer Build 1750, Metadata Tool for QGIS, Iran's Basir Google Earth Rival, VDatum, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

On the open source front:

On the Esri front:

In the everything-else category:

In the maps category:

  • O'Reilly mentions the Global Adaptation Index map, which "rates a given country's vulnerability to environmental shifts precipitated by climate change, its readiness to adapt to such changes, and its ability to utilize investment capital that would address the state of those vulnerabilities"
  • V1 shares a map of the gas infrastructures in Europe

The week ahead in Denver: sharing ideas on a Free and Open Geo World!

The upcoming week is looking to be very interesting for the industry of geospatial in the USA as well as the "open source / open data" world. As lucky as I am, I will be the on-site Slashgeo editor representative (Slashgeo is also the media partner for both Conferences) in both events in Denver, Colorado: State of the Map 2011 (Annual conference about the progress of OpenStreetMap and free geo-data in general) and FOSS4G 2011 (global conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial, organized by OSGeo).

State of the Map 2011 is almost sold out in terms of registration and as the first FOSS4G in the USA, it might be the biggest FOSS4G conference ever in terms of number of attendees. Denver will be THE place to be for sharing new ideas on a Free and Open world which sharing geospatial information and tools is needed from everyone, everywhere and everyday.

First, my planning at the State of the Map weekend event is to look at what is next for OpenStreetMap in terms of quality, real applications, its role when dealing with major disaster event, ESRI/Microsoft contribution to OSM, crowd sourcing with OSM for public organisation such as USGS, etc.

Secondly, the FOSS4G 2011 might be a good gathering for social networking in the open source high tech world, but also to see the new trends coming from the industry, such as WPS, cloud map and tiling services. My planning for the FOSS4G is to attend presentation or workshop related to: geocache, WFS Transactional, WPS project, GIS in the Cloud, mobile applications, PgRouting, PostGIS, Open Data with Open Source, Web Mapping Performance, etc. I will keep you posted with some quick impression and nice pictures of the main geospatial open source and open data social and technical events. Denver is looking open, global and free for the entire week!

Nicolas Gignac, on-site Slashgeo editor representative at the FOSS4G and State of the Map 2011

FOSS4G Geonews: FOSS4G 2011 & SotM at the door, Sextante in ArcGIS, MapGuide Maestro 3.5, OpenTripPlanner Update, and more

Still in catch up mode, here's the last three weeks of geospatial open source news in batch mode.

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