Mangalore University Improves Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research with SuperGIS Desktop Solutions

SupergeoF Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS mapping software and solutions, announced that SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 and the analysis extensions helped the Department of Marine Geology, Mangalore University, India establish a marine GIS platform to achieve effective marine data integration, editing, analysis, and management for promoting progressive improvement of its research programs.


Founded in 1980, Mangalore University is located in Mangalore with the faculties such as Commerce, Art, Ocean Science, Education and two important National Research Facilities. Serving as a major educational institution in India, Mangalore University continues improving the learning resources to facilitate constant innovation in teaching and learning methods.


Offering plentiful GIS tools, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a allows the educators and the students to integrate a variety of marine environmental and hydrographic data of bathymetry, geology, the change of ocean temperatures, etc. In addition, SuperGIS Spatial Analyst and Spatial Statistical Analyst increase their capability of performing advanced analysis, helping them understand the real marine situations of ecological phenomenon to produce more reliable research results. 


As the demand for geospatial solutions rapidly increases in India, Supergeo keeps promoting SuperGIS software to fulfill client’s application needs. Supergeo also plans to offer SuperGIS training sessions for RSI SOFTECH team and local users next year, facilitating users and value-added partners to effectively solve spatial problems by GIS software and consequently to inspire GIS innovative applications.


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