Batch Geonews: 25m European DEM, OpenLayers 3 vs Google Maps API v3, GeoMedecine, and much much more

Here what's probably our latest geonews in batch mode entry for 2013, have a nice holiday break!

From the open source / open data front:

From the Esri front:

From the Google front:

In the everything-else category:

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Serving Public Health through Open Health Mapping Services

Eddie sent me this information on a webinar for September 26th on Serving Public Health through Open Health Mapping Services.

The invitation: "In this, the fourth GovFuture webinar presented by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and Directions Media, we look at how improved sharing of geospatial information plays an important role in improving public health.

Our featured presenter is Eddie Oldfield, BA, Director, NB Climate Change Hub at the New Brunswick Lung Association. He will describe his work in coordinating implementation of geospatial interoperability standards to exchange, integrate, and visualize distributed health and environmental information. Applications he has studied have addressed chronic illness, public health resources, critical infrastructure, pollution, meteorological information, and pandemic surveillance and control.

Eddie Oldfield's current work involves helping to create a national portal [or web map services] to bring together climate and health resources for decision-makers in public health, municipal emergency management, and local climate adaptation. The portal would aid in expanding public health heat alert and response, community resilience / disaster risk reduction, and modeling of historical and forecast impacts from climate on public health. The portal could enable decision-makers to use diverse data sources through services that implement the OGC Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), and Web Processing Service (WPS) standards.

OGC and Directions Media invite you to join us in this webinar. GovFuture's quarterly webinars are designed to help people working in local and subnational (county, province, district etc.) governments worldwide make the best possible use of their ever-expanding location and geospatial information resources."

Friday Geonews: Google's Follow Your World, More MapQuest and OSM, GeoDict Geocoder, HTML5 Geolocation, iOS Apps, GALILEO Wikileaks, and much more

 Here's Friday geonews in batch mode. Exceptionally, the last two weeks are covered.

From the Google front:

From the open source / open data front:

From the ESRI front:

From the Microsoft front:

In the miscellaneous category:

In the maps category:

Tuesday Geonews: Google HotPot, ArcGIS 10 SP1, 3D Globe in QGIS, GAW 2010, and much more

I've been overly busy lately, the consequence is you're getting your geonews in batch mode a little later than usual. Here they are!

On the Google front:

On the ESRI front:

On the Microsoft front:

On the open data/open source front:

In the miscellaneous category:

In the maps category:

Friday Geonews: China Crippled Maps, QGIS Improvements, AutoCAD WS Launched, and much more

It's Friday! Here's the geonews that haven't made it into an individual story, in batch mode.

In the open source/open data front:

In the miscellanous category:

In the maps category:

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