Review of Navigon MobileNavigator GPS iPhone App

Tidbits offers a review of the Navigon MobileNavigator GPS iPhone App.

From the review: "What sets Navigon apart are its extras. You can enter addresses manually, find them from your contacts, search for built-in points of interest, and—this is huge for when the points of interest database fails you—do a Google Local Search right from within the app. Once you’ve specified a destination, Navigon tells you what the weather conditions are there, and lists nearby points of interest that may be useful. Tapping Start Navigation then presents you with several possible routes, which is nice when you have a rough idea of which way you’d like to go.
I have only a few real criticisms of Navigon. First, it’s somewhat slow to start up, which used to be more of a problem before iOS 4’s multitasking and fast app switching, although it’s still annoying when I can’t start driving until I have directions. Plus, if I launch it immediately after leaving a building, it can sometimes take longer than I’d like to get a GPS lock, forcing me into a useless and confusing simulation mode until it catches on. A single screen for entering addresses would be easier than the multi-screen approach now, with one screen for each aspect of the address.
Navigon comes in a variety of editions that differ only by their internal maps. A full United States and Canada version costs $59.99 right now, a U.S.-only version costs $49.99, and there are three versions for the Eastern, Central, and Western areas of the United States that are $29.99 each."

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