Cloud GIS is?

Just a buzz word that will pass away
13% (30 votes)
Useful only to a few
13% (30 votes)
Will eventually rule Enterprise GIS
16% (37 votes)
The natural evolution of GIS
43% (102 votes)
The Cloud will engulf everything
16% (39 votes)
Total votes: 238

Re: Cloud GIS is?

I was not sure what "natural evolution" meant (speaking as a biologist) in this context.

And although I do think the cloud will become S.O.P for most data, to say "everything" is stretching it a bit far. Does it mean there will be no local data or no local storage?

So I chose "Will eventually rule Enterprise GIS" since it's not likely to go away even though it needs to establish better privacy and security standards.

Re: Cloud GIS is?

It's definitely a useful tool for delivering vector data. Simple and fast to setup a new map. I'm just waiting to see how they plan to get money out the service before I lean on it too heavily.

Re: Cloud GIS is?

It's a tool that's useful to many, but not everyone. For example: many schools have moved their student's mailboxes to "the cloud" because it makes sense, but faculty use Groupwise or Exchange because that makes sense for them.

Hopefully the buzz will fall off the word, but the computing concepts it represents are here to stay.