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And so it begins! SlashGISRS is a new slashcode-based weblog for news and discussions about GIS and Remote Sensing. Please read the faq if you’re not acquainted to this system. It is very simple: you can read stories (e.g. on this page), share your comments on the story’s page, and submit stories and questions you think are worthed. There is much more: we’ll keep you updated with Tips of the Day. You can also customize the entire site by visiting your prefs after you created an account.SlashGISRS Launch Announcement

Spatial Enlightenment, a Canadian non-profit organization, is proud to announce the launch of SlashGISRS, a user-friendly and user-driven online resource for news and discussions on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS).

This new tool is based on the open source content management system Slashcode, the same system that made slashdot the most popular source for technology news and discussions on the internet.

SlashGISRS is more than just a new website on GIS and RS. It is in a class of its own: SlashGISRS is an unbiased broad minded community based source for spatial news and discussion. SlashGISRS does not write articles, but serves as an ad-free news aggregator. It relies on a proven system for sorting the best comments based on the triple-moderation mechanics of the Slashcode engine. SlashGISRS provides unmatched means to customize your access to on-line spatial news. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there is much more…

SlashGISRS’s scope covers the entire GIS-RS world. There are over 50 predefined topics already available organized into sections: Application domains (agriculture, oceanography, education, …), The Industry (ESRI, NASA, Open Source Community, …), Technology (GIS, Satellites and sensors, Software), and more. SlashGISRS also provides polls, community based brainstorming and more.

SlashGISRS is open. Free to read. Free for anyone to share thoughts and ideas. Its content comes from you, the users. SlashGISRS is Slashcode-based, meaning the content is filtered by members so only the most valuable tidbits reach the casual reader.

SlashGISRS is a bridge across space and time, a place for the geospatial community, aficionados and experts alike, to gather and exchange. We hope you will benefit from our efforts and encourage you participate in making SlashGISRS a great success.

The SlashGISRS Team

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