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After 10 years, Slashgeo is ending its journey

The short story is this one — after 10 years of manually selecting and aggregating the best geospatial news to share with the community, Slashgeo has ended its journey and will now cease publication. The longer story involves abusing the Bonne projection, being mesmerized by our magnificent planet seen through the eyes of satellites and drones, finding my way within ...

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Recent Slashgeo Donations - Thank You!

At Slashgeo, we aggregate and publish geonews on a volunteering basis and we benefit from user donations that contribute paying the hosting fees. I’d like to sincerely thank Max Galka who made a significant donation to Slashgeo. Such contributions not only reduce the financial burden of hosting this site we provide for the community, but also ...

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Slashgeo’s Summer Break

A few good news! While there are a few glitches, the new Slashgeo site launched last week works rather fine. I’m aware that the RSS feed is not displaying lists as nice as it could, and if you find anything else that could be improved, let us know! That’s right, we haven’t reinstated the contact form yet, but you can ...

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Welcome to the new Slashgeo!

Welcome to the new Slashgeo! The migration appears to have mostly worked as planned. Expect a few things to be broken, if you find any, please let us know! Let me remind you one last time: users that were receiving the geonews by email will need to register again to the new newsletter - the box to subscribe is found top-right of ...

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[Action Required] - Slashgeo’s New Clothes - You’ll need to Subscribe once again

ACTION REQUIRED FOR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: this is the last email you'll get from this incarnation of the Slashgeo website. You'll need to subscribe to the new newsletter once available, which should be before the end of June.

Why? We're migrating Slashgeo to a new backend which will provide several benefits, including (A) a site that works well with tablets and phones, (B) better integration with social media, (C) a cleaner and nicer daily newsletter, and lots more for users and our volunteer editors to ensure a sustainable future to Slashgeo!

Most content will migrated to the new site. But we voluntarily won't migrate current users. Yeah, we'll certainly lose several of you in the process, but since you really like our geonews aggregation service, you'll subscribe to the new site right?

Stay tuned.. and visit the site back in a few weeks! -- Alex for Slashgeo

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Slashgeo is a proud media partner of the Geospatial Advancement Canada conference in Ottawa

We are happy to inform you that Slashgeo will be a proud media partner of the upcoming Geospatial Advancement Canada conference in Ottawa in March 3-5!

"Geospatial Advancement Canada will bring together Canada’s leaders in Geomatics to continue the discussion on developing a National Geo strategy. You will network and learn from industry experts who will detail, through case study presentations, how you can develop your own program or improve what you‘ve already achieved. Attending the summit will ensure that you are up-to-date on insights from industry leaders, able to defend against critical obstacles, and are implementing effective methodologies into your GIS programs. Register today to confirm your participation at one of the most sought-after events in the industry."

Slashgeo will publish articles during and after the conference on what has been highlighted in presentation and innovative ideas on the geospatial sphere.

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Slashgeo at the Geospatial Advancement Canada conference in Ottawa

Slashgeo, as proud media partner of the upcoming Geospatial Advancement Canada conference in Ottawa in March 3-5, is happy to be part of this meeting that has the involvement of the most crucial stakeholders within the Canadian geospatial field.

Over 40 leaders in Canadian geomatics and the Canadian Armed Forces will be giving you their first hand experiences and take-ways. You can download your own copy of the full agenda here. 

Here are the main key speakers of this major Geospatial event: Major-General Christian Rousseau (Chief of Defence Intelligence for the Canadian Forces)General (Retired) Walter J. Natynczyk (President of the Canadian Space Agency)Trevor Taylor (Director Americas of the Open Geospatial Consortium)Dr. Marc Fortin (Assistant Deputy Minister Defence Research and Development Canada)David Jackson (Director of the Canadian Ice Services), etc

The agenda is divided into three key themes:

Day 1: Exploring the Latest Technology and Innovation to Overcome Interoperability Challenges;

Day 2: Better Understanding the Canadian National Geomatics Strategy through Collaboration by All Levels of Government and Private Industry;

Day 3: Challenges and Opportunities Associated with GIS Governance; Policy Development, Senior-Level Buy-in, Workforce.


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Slashgeo is a proud media partner of the 9th International gvSIG Conference

This year again Slashgeo will be a proud media partner of the 9th International gvSIG Conference to be held from November 27th to 29th in Valencia, Spain.

From their objectives: "So what does this have to do with technology? Everything! In the XXI century, can anyone imagine technology as not part of strategic sectors? There is practically no activity or progress, whether industrial, social or within the business environment where technology is not a fundamental aspect. In this sense, and by following the example of where sovereignty lies, whether with the people or within the financial markets, what we need to ask ourselves is whether we govern technology or if technology governs us. [...] We are again talking about the need of having access to knowledge, and when it comes to software, knowledge is only possible if we are talking about free software, which provides us with technological independence, which enables us to at least aspire to be Sovereign. It is a Matter of Sovereignty, which is the main idea that we are claiming in the 9th International gvSIG Conference in Valencia."

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Slashgeo’s 8 Years Anniversary!

We did make it to 8 years after all :-) That was Monday last week. Thanks to the positive feedback we got and significant readership, we made it through another year! Launched in September, Slashgeo's news aggregation service now reaches over 10,000 unique geospatial professionals according to Google stats.

Let's be honest, the website needs a major refresh. For instance, it needs to be readable on mobile devices. Three years ago already, we migrated the website's engine from Slashcode to Drupal. While such major changes require efforts, I now want to move the site to WordPress. My personal conclusion is that Drupal's for large projects that benefit from expert maintainers which will be required to do a lot by themselves. Slashgeo is just a small voluntary/community project and we don't have that kind of resources. So if everything goes as planned, we'll get a new website in the coming months!

We're still looking for fellow enthusiasts who'd like to contribute to Slashgeo by sharing content and any other contribution that comes to mind. It's by lots of small contributions that in the end, it makes the all the difference in the world. In any case, thanks for reading Slashgeo and enjoy working on your geospatial projects! Have fun not just with what you do, but with how you do it too :-) -- Alex, aka Satri

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Slashgeo is Media Partner of ‘Geomatics’ in Montreal, October 3-4

I'm happy to announce Slashgeo will be a proud media partner of the 'Geomatics' event in Montreal, to take place on October 3 and 4. We've been a media partner of the 'Geomatics' event and I have personally missed it only once since year (I missed it because I was at the FOSS4G conference!).

The recurring Geomatique 20XY event in Montreal is the conference to attend in the Quebec province. It attracts about 700 participants. While most of the presentations are done in French, mostly everybody attending speaks English (Montreal is in North America after all ;-). From their main page: "Geomatics is:

  • The most important event in Quebec’s geomatics industry, gathering close to 700 participants;
  • Dynamic speakers who will present their accomplishments and discoveries in the field of geomatics;
  • A vast commercial exhibition featuring over 40 exhibitors including key actors in the fields of equipment,
  • software and services;
  • A showcase of new technologies;
  • Two conference lunches featuring prestigious speakers;
  • And a networking event that is always highly awaited!"

I'll be on-site myself, and will give a presentation related to my real day job, the official worldwide weather and radar layers available in WMS and KML for free.

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