About slashgeo.org

yes… this about page badly needs to be updated… here’s the old version!

In a few words…

Slashgeo is a community-driven website for news and discussions about GIS, location-based services, remote sensing, GPS and everything geospatial. Why use Slashgeo? One of the reasons is because it aggregates for you the most pertinent geospatial news from 50+ sources.

We have been media partners of several major geospatial conferences, such as O’Reilly’s Where 2.0, and Conferences, OSGeo’s FOSS4G, and Conferences, the Location Business Summit, OpenStreetMap’s State of the Map, and Géomatique.

In August, Slashgeo had over 9,200 registered members and was getting about 35,000 daily hits, reaching thousands of geoprofessionals every day. During the same month, we re-launched Slashgeo with a new, more featured and flexible engine, but in the process, the existing user accounts and 5,000 published stories were migrated but lost their user comments.

As of September, we reaching more and more geospatial professionals every day. Just on Google Reader, we have over 9,500 subscribers (a number anyone can easily validate).

Our Story

Slashgeo is a bridge across space and time to gather the community of the geospatially interested.

Slashgeo wants to be the best user-friendly and community-driven online resource for news and discussions about everything geospatial.

Slashgeo is open. Free to read. Free for anyone to share thoughts and ideas. Its content comes from the users, you.

Slashgeo is a dream come true. It is managed by Spatial Enlightenment, an independent registered non-profit organization. It is mostly driven by voluntary work. Historically, Slashgeo is the sibling of Applied-GIS-RS, a non-technical international mailing list that we created in summer that has more than a thousand members. In December, three months after its launch, Slashgeo came to replace SlashGISRS, our former name. In August, we migrated from the Slashcode engine to the Drupal engine, resetting to nil our existing users and previously published stories.

We hope you benefit from our efforts and participate in making Slashgeo an efficient tool.

The Slashgeo Team