Google Geonews: New Street View in Parks and Inside Businesses, SketchUp Showcase, and more

Here's the recent Google-related geonews. Nothing major this time to be honest.

From the official sources:

  • Here's an entry on the latest additions of parks in Street View using their trike
  • We already mentioned the new feature, but here's another entry on Street View available inside businesses, such as restaurants 
  • For SketchUp users, apparently 2 millions of them, Google started the Make Ideas Real project, showcasing bringing ideas to life with SketchUp
  • Here's the short recap of the Google Geo User Summit that took place in Barcelona on October 12-14th

From other sources:

  • APB informs us Google is now blocking GPS jammer ads at the request of the FCC
  • Today was released new imagery for Google Earth

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