Batch Geonews: iD OpenStreetMap Editor, GeoIQ Acquired by Esri, Predicting People’s Location, and more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

On the open source and open data front:

  • This entry introduces iD, a new open source friendly editor for OpenStreetMap, which uses only javascript (no plugin required like Potlatch)
  • If you want to try a full-featured OpenStreetMap maps display, try this version by skobbler
  • Here's what's coming to the next QGIS: Better date and time support in QGIS expressions and styles
  • Here's an entry on MapGuide Open Source scalability
  • In Canada, the Province of Quebec now has its open data portal, a lot of it being geospatial [site in French]

On the Esri front:

  • Big news, GeoIQ, which runs GeoCommons, has been acquired by Esri, several bloggers see this move as a reduction of competition, from GeoIQ: "GeoCommons and GeoIQ customers will continue to be supported as we integrate the capabilities of ArcGIS Online and GeoIQ into a next generation platform."
  • The ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 5 is now available

In the drones category:

  • UAS can stay in the air for a long period of time now, Slashdot discussed a story named Laser Powers Lockheed Martin's Stalker Drone For 48 Hours
  • However, another story goes like this; GPS Spoofing Attack Hacks Drones

In the car navigation category:

  • Slashdot discussed a story named Ford Predicts Self-Driving, Traffic-Reducing Cars By
  • And another one named Boston Using IBM Engineers To Solve Traffic Problems

In the everything else category:

  • Certainly using the momentum against Google that is limiting the free use of their Google Maps API, MapQuest shared an entry named Unlimited Free Maps with MapQuest API Community Edition, and whle they do use OpenStreetMap data, MapQuest selected TomTom Maps to power its mobile application
  • Direction Mag offers an Overview of Pitney Bowes Software’s Server and Web Technology for Geospatial Applications
  • Slashdot discussed a story named MIT Develops Holographic, Glasses-Free 3D TV
  • Still want more on Google's Project Glass before it hits the road? Sergey Brin Shows Project Glass Glasses to Journalists (Video)
  • APB shares an entry named Algorithm Uses Your and Friends Locations to Predict Your Future Location (within 20 meters!)
  • James shares an short entry named Autodesk on the Future of Design
  • APB links to the top world cities to live in, based on the Spatially Adjusted Livability Index

In the maps category:

  • Ogle Earth has detailed entries named Apple censors iPad Maps app over South Korea and Constraining online maps: The case of South Korea
  • It's hot over there? Here's a map of continental US climate changes, 1895-2012
  • Two related entries, Renewable Electricity Production Mapped and Mapping Renewable Electricity Generation
  • Here's Misleading Language Maps on the Internet and from the same source, Mapping International Languages
  • Here's a map of Global Earthquakes since 1898

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