Batch Geonews: OpenLayers Cookbook Reviews, Wearable LiDAR, More Apple Maps News, Most Expensive Cities Map, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode, covering a way too long time-span.

On the open source / open data front:

  • GeoWeb Guru reviews the OpenLayers Cookbook by Antonio Santiago Perez: "The book is formatted as a series of 60 'recipes' that demonstrate how to perform various tasks." And here's another review on the same book.
  • Some Province of Quebec open geodata and public WMS layers (in French)
  • There was some OSGeo-Incubators announcements, the ZOO-Project, Opticks, OGC TEAM Engine and the Marble Virtual Globe are all part of the OSGeo incubation now
  • The Cartaro CMS in now available as beta
  • GeoTools 8.2 has been released
  • Here's how to create a nice seafloor map using shaded relief and open source software

On the Esri front:

  • Several sources pointed to the ArcGIS Online Service Credits Estimator

On the Microsoft front:

  • For those interested, Bing Maps SDKs for Windows Store Apps Now Available

Geo-related stories discussed over Slashdot:

  • Nokia Keeps Quietly Mapping The World
  • The Case That Apple Should Buy Nokia
  • 3D input device: Microsoft's Hand-Gesture Sensor Bracelet
  • And Microsoft Patents 1826 Choropleth Map Technique
  • Image classification crowdsourcing: ForestWatchers Lets Anyone Monitor A Patch of Forest
  • LightSquared Wants To Share Weather-Balloon Frequencies for LTE
  • An academic Android trojan that take pictures of your home and more, PlaceRaider Builds a Model of Your World With Smartphone Photos
  • Can Foursquare Data Predict Where You Live?
  • That candy bar that tracks you, Nestle's GPS Tracking Candy Campaign

More on Apple Maps from MacRumors and APB:

  • Apple's 3D Maps and Imagery See Incremental Improvements
  • Apple Turning to Select Retail Store Employees to Help Improve Maps for iOS 6
  • Insiders Detail Steve Jobs' Role in Apple's Mapping Effort
  • APB tells us Why is the Press Still Talking About Apple Maps

In the miscellaneous category:

  • O'Reilly warns us of drones for warfare
  • Yes, Wearable LIDAR Sensors for Mapping (via OR)
  • APB informs us of MyDigitalGlobe cloud service to make DigitalGlobe imagery more discoverable with OGC catalog services (CWS): "A unique feature of the service is that alerts can be set to notify a user when a new image is added to the library of a specific area of interest."
  • For those in hydrography, look at the U.S. National Hydrography Dataset Plus Version 2

In the maps category:

  • It's worth taking a look at the Information is Beautiful Awards Winners, it's not all maps, but still pretty
  • Via Mapperz, here's the CEC North American Environmental Atlas which is actually pretty interesting
  • A Google Maps of Ancient Rome, via OR
  • Here's a map of the The World’s Most Expensive Cities

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