Batch Geonews: JS.geo Conference, ArcMap2SLD, MapQuest Discover, GLONASS Corruption, and much more

Here's the latest batch-mode edition of the geonews.

From the open source front:

  • InaSAFE 1.0 launched, it's a "free software that produces realistic natural hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities", it's also a QGIS plugin

From the Esri front:

  • Interested by the SLD standard? Here's about converting an ArcMap project file into an SLD document with ArcMap2SLD
  • Here's how to add access to various formats to ArcGIS using GDAL/OGR
  • Here's How to build an Apple Map app for iOS using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

From the Google front:

  • Google reminds us to let indoor Google Maps be your guide this holiday shopping season
  • There were Big updates to Google Mars
  • There's also Google Earth Outreach in Australia and New Zealand now

In the miscellaneous category:

  • Bill Gates writes about GIS, GPS and maps, Digital Mapping Technology Helps Polio Vaccinators Zero In
  • Here's another must-read entry on the GIS crisis from Brian Timoney, arguing that (Domain Experience + GIS)   >   (GIS + domain experience)
  • James tells us about the upcoming JS.geo Geospatial JavaScript conference in Denver January 14-15, attendance is also only 10$
  • Another story on Secret Stingray Warrantless Cellphone Tracking
  • GLONASS corruption exposed and 200M$ stolen, GLONASS Satellite System Designer Fired
  • An Apple Maps consequence; Scott Forstall Reportedly Forced Out of Apple
  • A few news from MapQuest, New MapQuest Gas Prices App and MapQuest for iPhone with Traffic-Influenced Directions, and they also introduced MapQuest Discover, a new MapQuest Local, and more: "a photo-centric social and travel experience centered on places that people may want to explore"
  • Geospatial isn't just for driverless cars, Motorcycle App Helps You Ride Faster, Turn Sharper, Brake Harder
  • We already know about drones, More Drones Set To Use US Air Space
  • An article on Taking the 'Pulse' of Volcanoes Using Satellite Images
  • Meet the World's First 3D Printing Photo Booth and on that topic, How to print a 3D Google Earth building using Makerbot
  • APB provides Bentley Systems by the Numbers
  • Apparently, U.S. Weather Satellites Are Dying
  • Here's a different 3D game, where you learn about the effects of the speed of light (via ORR)
  • Here's a generic article on how web mapping is helping government improve communications and services

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