Slashgeo is a proud media partner of the 9th International gvSIG Conference

This year again Slashgeo will be a proud media partner of the 9th International gvSIG Conference to be held from November 27th to 29th in Valencia, Spain.

From their objectives: "So what does this have to do with technology? Everything! In the XXI century, can anyone imagine technology as not part of strategic sectors? There is practically no activity or progress, whether industrial, social or within the business environment where technology is not a fundamental aspect. In this sense, and by following the example of where sovereignty lies, whether with the people or within the financial markets, what we need to ask ourselves is whether we govern technology or if technology governs us. […] We are again talking about the need of having access to knowledge, and when it comes to software, knowledge is only possible if we are talking about free software, which provides us with technological independence, which enables us to at least aspire to be Sovereign. It is a Matter of Sovereignty, which is the main idea that we are claiming in the 9th International gvSIG Conference in Valencia."

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