Batch Geonews: New Maki Icons, OpenStreetMap News, Ads in Your Google Maps Maps, ArcGIS Online Update Coming, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

From the open source / open data front:

  • Nice, there's new Maki icons - don't remember? That's open pixel-perfect icons for web cartography
  • You're into PostGIS? There's PostGIS Add-ons now, including 15 new functions
  • Everything about OpenStreetMap and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, including an impressive OSM before and after comparison - collaboration and open works.
  • The OSRM - routing engine for OpenStreetMap has been updated
  • And still on the same vein, Drone Imagery for OpenStreetMap
  • There were several notable updates: MapStore 1.4.0, GeoTools 10.2, GeoServer 2.4.2 and Geopaparazzi 3.8.0

From the Esri front:

  • There's a big ArcGIS Online Update coming on December 10, here's the improvements
  • New basemap data for Denmark

From the Google front:

  • A new opt-in cleaner way to embed Google Maps in websites, the drawback is the new terms of service now allow Google to add ads, don't say you were not aware
  • New to StreetView, Take a hike with Street View through U.S. National Parks and Parks Canada
  • Via Ed, on why datums matters, a Scientific American article named What Happens to Google Maps When Tectonic Plates Move?
  • Over Slashdot they discuss a story named Google Maps, Lasers Reveal Vatican Catacombs
  • Also discussed over Slashdot, Street View floats into Venice

In the everything else category:

  • More high resolution satellite imagery coming our way, Relaxing resolution restrictions on satellite imagery, and from the same source, an interesting entry on Nanosatellites for 4D (time + 2D/3D) Earth observation
  • Nice pictures, Slashdot discusses ISS Astronauts Fire-Up Awesome 'Cubesat Cannon'
  • We mentioned it before, and now Microsoft Releases “3D Builder” Touchscreen 3DP App
  • Still on 3D, Apple is to buy Israeli 3D sensing company PrimeSense ​and here's a nice summary of How Apple Could Incorporate PrimeSense Technology Into Its Products
  • Apple also started testing iOS 7's iBeacons in retail commercial areas and a Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Apple's Location Tracking in iOS
  • Something we saw before, throw the camera in the air, get a 360×360 image from 36 2-megapixel lenses
  • Those working with Microsoft map tech, here's How to Extend Your App with Talking Maps
  • Privacy works both ways? Boston Cops Outraged Over Plans to Watch Their Movements Using GPS
  • In a school tracking failed, Students Tracked In UK College Via RFID For 1-3 Years
  • Tracking is omnipresent already, LoJack To Release Tracking Devices For Consumers, Insurance, and Auto Makers
  • Slashdot discusses Scientists Proposing Satellite Early Warning System For Forest Fires
  • On a similar topic, Wired has an entry named Incredible High-Resolution Interactive Map of the World’s Shrinking Forests
  • Google too have an entry named Mapping the world’s deforestation over time
  • Bicycles and GNSS navigation, Hammerhead System Offers a Better Way To Navigate While Cycling
  • There's a new MapQuest navigation app, anyone uses it and can comment?
  • VR headsets coming our way soon, The Science Behind the InfinitEye's Panoramic Virtual Reality Headset
  • Ok, this isn't something I was expecting, Smartphone + Bike + Google Maps = GPS Art

In the maps category:

  • Want to learn more on special projections, Projection Smackdown: Cahill’s Butterfly vs. the Dymaxion Map
  • Looking for special maps to give at Christmas? ODT's South Up Maps and equal area maps might interest you
  • Andrew, a regular contributor to Slashgeo, offers 30 maps around the world collected over time
  • Wired shared an entry named 5 Maps That Could Help Solve Some of the World’s Most Daunting Problems
  • Via VS, something we'll probably hear more often in the future, mapping Bitcoin
  • U.S.: do you live in the right zip-code area? The Washington Post maps America's "Super Zips"
  • Not the season, but here's Golf course maps and Mapping a golf course
  • Don't get depressed by the Global Depression Map
  • Isn't it Thanksgiving in the U.S.? A Real-Time Map of Travelers Suffering From the Thanksgiving Storm

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