PostGIS Cookbook Published

No need to say, in the world of geospatial RDBMS, PostgreSQL's open source PostGIS shines and is widely adopted. Lots of us will be happy to learn that the PostGIS Cookbook has been published over PACKT from Paolo Corti, Stephen Vincent Mather, Thomas J Kraft, Bborie Park.

From the announcement entry: "The book, in a friendly tutorial fashion, covers a plethora of PostGIS related topics such as:

  • Importing and exporting data
  • Vectorial and Raster management and analysis functions
  • Using desktop clients such as QGIS, OpenJump, gvSIG and UDig
  • pgRouting and how to use the Nth dimension
  • writing PostGIS programs with Python
  • using PostGIS to do web GIS with web mapping engines and frameworks such as MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, Leaflet and GeoDjango
  • maintenance, optimization and performance tuning"

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