[Action Required] - Slashgeo’s New Clothes - You’ll need to Subscribe once again

ACTION REQUIRED FOR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: this is the last email you'll get from this incarnation of the Slashgeo website. You'll need to subscribe to the new newsletter once available, which should be before the end of June.

Why? We're migrating Slashgeo to a new backend which will provide several benefits, including (A) a site that works well with tablets and phones, (B) better integration with social media, (C) a cleaner and nicer daily newsletter, and lots more for users and our volunteer editors to ensure a sustainable future to Slashgeo!

Most content will migrated to the new site. But we voluntarily won't migrate current users. Yeah, we'll certainly lose several of you in the process, but since you really like our geonews aggregation service, you'll subscribe to the new site right?

Stay tuned.. and visit the site back in a few weeks! — Alex for Slashgeo

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