Welcome to the new Slashgeo!

Welcome to the new Slashgeo! The migration appears to have mostly worked as planned. Expect a few things to be broken, if you find any, please let us know!

  • Let me remind you one last time: users that were receiving the geonews by email will need to register again to the new newsletter - the box to subscribe is found top-right of the site
  • The new site automatically morphs for tablets and phones
  • A much nicer daily newsletter
  • Better integration with social media… soon!
  • I haven’t enabled all new features yet, it’s an iterative process and I suspect it’s going to take me a few months to fine tune the new site

In short: nicer and more flexible site with many new features for all of us, along with easier administration for our small team of maintainers. If you find bugs or have improvements requests, just let us know! As always, everyone is welcomed to submit geospatial news and geospatial-related press releases.

The short-term priority is now to catch up geonews for the month of June! As you’re accustomed to on Slashgeo, while we do not publish geospatial news as soon as they happen, we manually aggregate and filter the most pertinent geonews for the community - you might get your news ‘late’, but you won’t miss anything significant.

I hope this new site will help ensure Slashgeo’s long term viability to the enjoyment of our users! Cheers — Alex for Slashgeo

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