Open Source / Data Geonews: the 10 Years of OpenStreetMap adn Related News, WebGL Earth 2, and much more

Still catching up the geonews that showed up during our holiday break, here’s the open source / open data geonews in batch mode.

Open source geospatial software:

  • Desktop virtual globes on their way out? Here’s WebGL Earth 2, “Open-source virtual planet web application running in any web browser with support for WebGL HTML5 standard”
  • There’s Geocolor that we haven’t mentioned before, the web-based Geocolor classifies data contained in geojson properties, and assigns color values based on the simplestyle-spec
  • AsterixDB is an open source Big Data Management System that has some spatial functions
  • MapGuide Open Source 2.6 has been released
  • The open source disaster event mapping system is discussed over Slashdot, Ushahidi Helps Track Everything From Election Violence to Oil Spills (Video)
  • There’s a new PostGIS Minimalist X3D Viewer for PHP and ASP.NET
  • If you can’t wait to test OpenLayers 3, Build applications using OpenLayers 3 and OpenGeo Suite (Part 1)
  • If you need a proxy, New MapProxy 1.7.0 release
  • Updates, GeoServer 2.5.2 released and GeoTools 11.2 released

Open data:

  • O’Reilly have an article on the Ten years of OpenStreetMap
  • With that, look how impressive we’ve done thanks to the OSM Then And Now website comparing OSM with today’s
  • Does its data stay fresh? Yes, here’s The Average Age of OpenStreetMap Objects
  • And yes, OpenStreetMap now has ‘Corporate Members’
  • OpenAerialMap is being rebooted thanks to new major supporters
  • All buildings in there now, San Francisco complete in OpenStreetMap
  • Here’s how to Generate maps of sun and shade from OpenStreetMap data
  • Thanks to open data, we now have OpenBeerMap
  • Environment Canada added the global ‘Dominant precipitation type’ WMS layer to the long list of live and forecast weather layers available in WMS [disclaimer; I’m involved]
  • Styles for everyone, QGIS Ordnance Survey Opendata Cartographic Styles
  • If you need a high-resolution DEM dataset, 5 meter elevation model of Vienna published

Everything else open:

  • OpenScienceMap is a platform to enable researchers to collaborate
  • Using the open source CartoDB, CartoDB launched a tool to easily map geotagged tweets around the world
  • A webinar from Penn State planned for September 4th, Learning Open Web Mapping from Start to Finish
  • That’s really geogeeky, Turning an android device into a GIS workstation or server
  • In France, the government launched GeoRisques, basically, providing multi-risk assessment for any location in France
  • A conference in Asia, Geospatial open source FOSS4G-Asia conference to be held in Bangkok Dec 2-5

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