FOSS4G Wrap-Up

FOSS4G took place 2 weeks ago and here’s what you should not miss.

  • First, if you’re like me and you couldn’t make it on-site this year, rejoice, all the FOSS4G sessions have been recorded and are available for free. Here’s the schedule to pinpoint all the talks you want to see, then, once you’re convinced there’s way too many talks you want to watch, head to Vimeo to see the talks for hours of pure happiness
  • Yes, really look at the schedule, it was reassuring to me to see that geospatial does not stand still, that we’re moving fast to make certain we stay relevant. Reading through the schedule provided me a good overview and I even learned about new open source software I wasn’t aware of, MapLoom (web client for GeoGit) is one of many examples
  • Take a look at the Map Gallery and its winners, all made with open source
  • Nice that significant grants increase access to the FOSS4G conference
  • And this year, the winner of the Sol Katz award is Gary Sherman, founder of the popular QGIS project
  • Here’s interesting summaries from FOSS4G participants:
    • Ann’s Perspective on FOSS4G, FOSS4G is about a community
    • Paul’s Perspective on FOSS4G, exciting technology and new ideas
    • Atle Frenvik Sveen’s Foss4g: The good, the bad and the beers

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