Google Geonews: New ‘My Maps’, Making of Maps, Street View in many New Places, and more

Here’s the recent Google-related geonews in batch mode.

From official sources:

  • Launched in, there’s a new Google My Maps available, Make your own way with the new My Maps, along with a My Maps Android app. This version allows users to “add images, descriptions, custom icons, and place details along the way” and user maps can be added to Google’s Map GalleryTo help us make sense of the product names, the GEB clarifies: “In March last year, Google introduced Maps Engine Lite, a free version of Maps Engine. In October last year, it introduced Maps Engine Pro, a paid for version targeted at small businesses. These last two products were recently renamed My Maps Pro, and My Maps.”
  • Google continued their series on Google Maps with two entries: Making of Maps: Perspective from the ground and Making of Maps: Ground Truth glue
  • There’s new Street View imagery for Mexico, Take your dream trip to Mexico with Google Maps
  • In Egypt too, Walk like an Egyptian with Street View in Google Maps

From other sources:

  • This was unavoidable, fly a UAV within Google Earth,  Google Earth drone control
  • The GEB informs us that there’s Argentina and Malaysia now in Street View
  • The GEB provides an entry on 3D Updates in Google Earth and More analysis of 3D Imagery in google Earth
  • Here’s an update on Censoring in Google Earth
  • On a similar vein, here’s an entry named Could a conman get false information into Google Maps or Google Earth?

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