10 Years of Google Maps, Google Earth Pro Features and other Google-related Geonews

It’s obvious to anyone in the geospatial industry that Google Maps brought a wind of fresh air. They were not the first ones (e.g. OGC’s WMS standard exists since 1999) and MapQuest was popular at the time, but Google successfully increased global access to interactive maps thanks to Google Maps and Google Earth. Google Maps turned 10 years old and the official Google LatLong blog offers a summary of its milestones.

From the official entry: “[…] before, you’d remember the days when we were all dependent on paper maps, print-outs, post-its and sometimes even a compass for directions! Getting from point A to B is something we do all day, every day—from finding the fastest way to get to work, to dropping the kids off on a carpool route, to meeting friends for drinks at a new spot—so it should be as easy as possible.”

Other geospatial-related Google news:

  • We already announced it, but here’s the official words that Google Earth Pro is now free (discussed over Slashdot)
    • Related, Google Earth Pro map making tool
    • This too, Google Earth Pro: Viewshed tool
    • And finally, Google Earth Pro Movie Maker
  • Everywhere, Google Street View comes to Bangladesh
  • Ridesharing competition, Google To Compete With Uber, Uber To Explore Autonomous Transportation and The Prickly Partnership Between Uber and Google
  • The GEB has a pretty interesting entry on the future Google Earth, especially in light of changes to management, no new features for about 2 years, the recent focus on web-based tools, etc

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