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Google Reportedly Purchases Quiksee for $10M

From the Spatial Sustain blog : "The news that Google is purchasing Israel-based Quiksee for $10M has been reported by Haaretz, but is still unconfirmed by Google. Quiksee has developed software technology to turn captured video into seamless 3D scenes. The video demo on the Quiksee website shows a user capturing video from three positions that are then stitched together with the software, emphasizing the ease of video tour creation that is accessible to anyone with a video camera."

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Google Geonews: SketchUp 8 Released, Android vs Consumer GPS, 3D Sound in Google Earth, and more

Some Google-related geonews for the last two days:

  • Google SketchUp 8 has been released: Major new features for modeling in geospatial context and for creating new 3D building models for Google Earth. [...] new “Solid” tools in SketchUp Pro for common additive/subtractive modeling operations [...] additional features in LayOut for documenting models professionally.
  • Google added business logos to Google Maps.
  • The FGT blog offers an informative 2-parts article on Android and the future of consumer GPS. An excerpt: "Android has the capability to turn GPS into a commodity market, meaning less control and more competition, leading to lower prices. And this is an environment that the old-school GPS vendors may have trouble with." FGT also decided to launch a new blog named AndroGeoid.
  • Google's Ed Parsons wonder if 'When' is the next big thing after the 'Where'.
  • Here's an entry named Mapping with Google Fusion Tables .
  • The GEB has an entry on 3D sound with the Google Earth plug-in.
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