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Google Geonews: SketchUp 8 Released, Android vs Consumer GPS, 3D Sound in Google Earth, and more

Some Google-related geonews for the last two days:

  • Google SketchUp 8 has been released: Major new features for modeling in geospatial context and for creating new 3D building models for Google Earth. [...] new “Solid” tools in SketchUp Pro for common additive/subtractive modeling operations [...] additional features in LayOut for documenting models professionally.
  • Google added business logos to Google Maps.
  • The FGT blog offers an informative 2-parts article on Android and the future of consumer GPS. An excerpt: "Android has the capability to turn GPS into a commodity market, meaning less control and more competition, leading to lower prices. And this is an environment that the old-school GPS vendors may have trouble with." FGT also decided to launch a new blog named AndroGeoid.
  • Google's Ed Parsons wonder if 'When' is the next big thing after the 'Where'.
  • Here's an entry named Mapping with Google Fusion Tables .
  • The GEB has an entry on 3D sound with the Google Earth plug-in.
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Microsoft Geonews: Hotmail and Bing Maps Integration, Batch Geocoding and Reverse-Geocoding, Bing Maps on Android, and more

Here's the recent Microsoft-related geonews.

  • Bing Maps and Hotmail come together: "When you select “Maps and Places” [in an Hotmail message] a task pane opens that allows you to add new locations or interact with a set of previously defined locations."
  • Part of the Bing Spatial Data API, Microsoft introduced batch geocoding and batch reverse-geocoding with Bing Maps.
  • In addition to the Windows Phone, the Blackberry and iPhone, now there's Bing Maps on your Verizon Android device.
  • For the developers amongst us, MS introduced PHP and VB .NET SDKs for Bing Maps Platform. There's also an entry on Bing Maps and MS Visual Studio LightSwitch.
  • The official blog also mentioned Geo Fact Finder, "the application includes over fifteen distinct data themes that includes several dozen specific variables" for the U.S.
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Google Geonews: Earth for Android 1.1, Building Maker Improved, New Imagery, Katrina and Arcade Fire Location-Based Video

Here's a first round up of Google-related geonews for the last week.

  • Google Earth for Android was updated to v1.1, and now includes the oceans
  • StreetView imagery is now available in Google Building Maker, in addition to 6 new Building Maker-enabled cities
  • Once again, there's new imagery available in Google Earth and Maps
  • Google Lat Long shares an entry for the 5 years of Hurricane Katrina
  • If you're a golfer, the Golf Courses layer came back to Google Earth
  • Here's a surprising example of location-based html5 music video made by band Arcade Fire and Google, making use of Google Maps and StreetView for your own childhood neighborhood.
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