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ESRI Releases GeoServices REST Specification

As was announced at the ESRI UC, the GeoServices REST Specification, Version 1.0 hashit the streets.

"The GeoServices REST Specification works with a hierarchy of resources. Each service type recognized by the GeoServices REST Specification (map, geocode, and so on) is a resource and has a unique URL. Although a REST system always returns only representations of resources to client, for the sake of simplicity, the resources of the GeoServices REST Specification are divided into two types: resources and operations. "

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The State of Mapping APIs, 5 Years On

Published earlier today, and currently in discussion on slashdot. Here is their summary : "Map APIs took off in, and during the ensuing years the whole notion of maps has changed. Where once they were slick add-ons, map functionality is now a necessary — and expected — tool. In this piece, Adam DuVander looks at the current state of mapping and he explains how mobile devices, third-party services and ease of use are shaping the map development world."

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ESRI Geonews: New ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS API for Windows Phone, WMS in ArcGIS Online, and more

Some recent ESRI-related geonews of interest for the past two weeks.

  • Many geoblogs noted that ArcGIS Explorer Build 1500 is now available.
  • The ArcGIS API For Windows Phone Public Beta is now available.
  • And so is an update of ArcGIS Mobile 10.
  • APB informs us on the bizarre level of WMS support in ArcGIS Online.
  • Jack Dangermond addresses ESRI's data involvement.
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