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Geomajas 1.7 and 10 New Plug-ins Released

Submitted by Jan Poté via email: "Geosparc, the company commercially supporting the open source GIS application framework Geomajas, announced at Foss4G the new release of its GIS application framework to build web-based and scalable GIS solutions. Geomajas 1.7 now has a mechanism that fully supports plug-ins from third parties. The support for plug-ins is a major step forward for Geomajas as it enables developers to add, upgrade or develop new functionalities to the software. It also frees the users from having to upgrade the whole application framework Check. At the same time 10 new plug-ins were announced ranging from a Printing plug-in over an OpenStreetMap Layer plug-in to a WMS Layer plug-in. The full list of, ever increasing, plug-ins is available. Examples of apps built with Geomajas are available."

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GRASS GIS 6.4.0 released

The GRASS Development Team announced the release of GRASS GIS 6.4.0, the first in the new line of 6.4 stable releases. As a stable release 6.4 will enjoy long-term support. The next release (6.4.1) will introduce a few new features which are still undergoing final testing, but after that all further 6.4 releases will be bugfix-only.


  • Screenshots of GRASS in action

What's new in GRASS 6.4.0

(selected improvements from the nearly 9,000 updates to the source code)

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ESRI Releases GeoServices REST Specification

As was announced at the ESRI UC, the GeoServices REST Specification, Version 1.0 hashit the streets.

"The GeoServices REST Specification works with a hierarchy of resources. Each service type recognized by the GeoServices REST Specification (map, geocode, and so on) is a resource and has a unique URL. Although a REST system always returns only representations of resources to client, for the sake of simplicity, the resources of the GeoServices REST Specification are divided into two types: resources and operations. "

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