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GPSBabel 1.4.2 Released

GPSBabel, an open source software for GPS data conversion and transfer, gets to version 1.4.2.

From the announcement: "GPSBabel 1.4.2 is a maintenance release with minor new functionality added.

  • Fix problem in KML writer (Google Earth) with input containin special characters like "&". Also added nautical miles and allow altitude to be optional on read.
  • Improve support for Delorme PN-60
  • Drag and drop to main window fixed. Now supports multiple files (for merges) if they're all the same type.
  • Improvements in iBlue 747.
  • GPilotS enhanced to show tracks as available in the GUI.
  • Fix crash in subrip on start of file.
  • Added erase_t option to Garmin to erase existing courses on fitness units.
  • Tweak mtk_logger so the GUI knows it can read waypoints.
  • Read track name for Ozi Explorer plt files."

We mentioned GPSBabel quite a few times in the past.

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China Launches First Compass Satellite in Inclined Geostationary Orbit

In the GNSS Hotspots section of the September Issue of Inside GNSS Magazine revealed that China had launched its fifth Compass satellite, and the satellite systems first inclined geostationary orbit satellite on August 1. China has stepped up its Compass launches, with the latest launch being the third one this year. It launched two (2) geostationary orbit satellites earler this year. The full Compass satellite system will have 35 satellites in orbit.

The Sunburned Surveyor

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Friday Geonews: Twitter’s Tweet with Location, GPS Reviews, Japan GNSS, AutoCAD for Mac, and much more

As you know, with the website migration and my attendance at FOSS4G, there haven't been a 'Friday geonews' batch mode for a while. Well, there it is!


In the LBS category:

  • A Slashdot discussion named "Burglary Ring Used Facebook Places To Find Targets"
  • O'Reilly discusses local ads, check-ins and place pages
  • There's a new Twitter's Tweet With Your Location feature
  • If you wonder, RFID is still not secure: "New German Government ID Hacked By CCC"

In the GPS category:

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