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StreetView On iOS Pierces German Privacy Veil

Discussed over the weekend on Slashdot, a story named "StreetView On iOS Pierces German Privacy Veil". Their summary: "After some prickly negotiations with the German government's privacy regulators, Google got permission to launch its Street View service for German addresses, so long as people had the right to opt out and choose to have only a blurred version of their homes on the service. But it turns out that iPhone and iPad users can see those buildings after all." My guess is that it's just a matter of time that all Google StreetView services are synchronized.

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Friday Geonews: ArcGIS API for iOS 1.0, Comparing Image Compression Formats, SAP AR App, Mapping Religions and Gangs of New York, and more

Here's recent geonews in batch mode.

On the ESRI front:

  • ArcGIS Mapping For Microsoft SharePoint 2.0 Now Available
  • ArcGIS API For iOS 1.0 Now Available
  • Latest Software And Firmware Versions To Use With ArcPad 10
  • And an entry on creating a web application using ArcGIS
  • James Fee encountered a limitation of the ESRI's EDN developer licenses when trying to test on multiple OS

In the miscellaneous category:

  • OpenStreetMap editor named Potlatch version 2 is almost ready to be the default OSM editor
  • MapQuest launched the MapQuest Atlas
  • An entry on New Features for Bing Maps REST Services
  • Here's an interesting entry on comparing image compression formats such as MrSID, jpeg, jpeg, GeoTIFFs and ECW
  • The FGT blog offers a nice entry on online GPS satellite geometry error predictions tools
  • APB mentions that SAP now have their own augmented reality app
  • They also have an entry on tying a credit card to a cell phone location for location-based fraud protection
  • The U.S. EPA GeoData Gateway website is now available to all

In the maps category:

  • GeoCurrents shares an entry on the dangers of mapping religions, in an entry focusing on Islam mapping
  • Here's a map of the gangs of New York
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Friday Geonews: Latitude for the Desktop, CityOne Launched, GALILEO needs Funding, Marine Life, and much more

A busy week for these geonews in batch mode.

On the Google front:

  • Google Latitude is now available for our desktop computers, a reminder; Latitude is Google's tool to share your location with friends and see where there are in real-time on map. And yes, you can get alerts when friends are neaby.
  • If you use Google's Panoramio, integrated into Google Maps and Earth, you now have access to new sets of statistics for your photos.
  • The GEB answers the question How often does Google update the imagery in Google Earth? And of course, there was another imagery update this week.
  • The GEB offers an entry named 8 things to do with Historical Imagery in Google Earth

On the FOSS4G / opendata front:

  • Here's an entry on running PostGIS in parallel threads
  • Here's a link on a "GDAL Web driver", GDAL filesystem implemented on HTTP
  • OpenStreetMap's founder Steve Coast left CloudMade
  • SpotMaps images are now available in OpenStreetMap [French link]

On the Microsoft front:

  • Here's an entry about new options regarding Enabling the New Style in the Bing Maps AJAX Control.
  • Here's an entry on Bing Maps and the use of U.S. 311 issues, specifically for Miami and San Francisco.

On the ESRI front:

  • James Fee informs us Esri Added Parcels to Their World Streets Map Service.
  • There's a new software called GeoCat Bridge for ArcGIS, to publish using OGC services data from ArcGIS Desktop to the open source GeoServer and GeoNetwork.
  • Here's an entry about Trimble Support For ArcGIS 10 And ArcPad 10 Now Available.

In the miscellaneous category:

  • The European GNSS (GPS) system GALILEO needs more funding and more time, completion date is now projected to be.
  • TMR links to Gizmodo's best navigation apps for iOS and Android.
  • IBM launched CityOne, their SimCity-like game to build smarter cities.
  • Spatial Sustain discusses a review of online mapping tools usability and accuracy, specifically Google Maps, Bing Maps and MapQuest.
  • Regarding augmented reality, APB mentions an app with which you point an airplane with your iPhone and you get info about it (flight number, destination, height and speed).

In the maps category:

  • Here's an entry on The Census of Marine Life in Google Earth, "the major international oceanographic research project involving researchers in over 80 countries, who tagged more than 120,000 types of species & millions of organisms over the past decade".
  • Here's a Map of all the munitions dumped in Europe after WWI and WWII.
  • The Australian Atlas of Mineral Resources has been updated
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Google Geonews: Real-time Flights, GE in BMW, GE for iOS updated, Google Earth Myths, and much more

Some recent Google-related geonews. From the official Lat Long blog:

  • A week ago, Google improved how you explore online photos for Place pages
  • You can now view Near Real-time Flights over the U.S. in Google Earth
  • Google in now in every new BMW car, integrating local searches, maps, StreetView, and more
  • Google Earth for iOS has been updated, now includes the Ocean layer and other improvements such as support for the 'retina' display
  • Yesterday the Lat Long blog shared an entry on mapping the midterm elections in the U.S.

From the GEB:

  • A round up of commercial offers to get your home or business modeled in Google Earth
  • Here's a geo-enabled quiz in Google Earth
  • Here's 10 Google Earth myths busted - things you should already know
  • There was an imagery update on Google Earth yesterday
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