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GIS Programming: Languages breakdown

Coding skills are now a requirement for lots of geospatial practitioners, here’s a recent and useful summary named GIS Programming: Languages breakdown. From the article: “Unlike Fortran, C/C++ is still in widespread use, in the GIS-field it’s beeing used for several desptop applications of some age, as well as in what I’ll call the “first wave” of open source libraries ...

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Batch Geonews: Voxel.js Minecraft-like, QGIS for Android, Side-by-Side Router, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

On the open source front:

  • 3D and open source with WebGL mixed with games gives you Voxel.js: Minecraft-like Browser-Based Games, But Open Source, which can certainly be reused for other geospatial projects
  • Never mentioned here before, an QGIS for Android in development, and on a similar topic, QGIS Globe works again
  • OpenStreetMap's new editor named iD gets a new home and updates, ideditor
  • After last year's success, NASA launches second International Space Apps Challenge, open data and open source
  • MapBox-related news:
    • Of course, MapBox Maps Now Embed On Twitter
    • You can now embed MapBox interactive maps in Apple iBooks Author software
    • An entry on Using Google Fusion Tables to Add Real-Time Feeds to MapBox Maps

On the Esri front:

  • The ArcGIS Online World Topographic Map first updates

On the Google front:

  • A nice Side-by-Side Router, allowing you to see directions for driving, transit, bicycling and walking on a same map
  • You can learn a bit more, Details of Google's Project Glass Revealed In FCC Report

In the miscellaneous category:

  • Microsoft shares a Bing Maps for Windows Store Apps Training Kit
  • And if developing for iOS, Apple Reaches Out to LBS Developers with iOS 6.1 POI Search API
  • Pretty interesting on the future of 3D photography, Light Field Photography Is the New Path To 3-D
  • Not the first time we hear about similar protections, In Brazil, Trees To Call For Help If Illegally Felled
  • Satellites (including footprints) and iPad / iPhone: New iOS app to view the SES Astra satellite info
  • I did not know that February 2nd is World Wetlands Day
  • Interesting on the Future U.S. Workforce for Geospatial Intelligence, the world needs need more geospatial experts
  • Which is also true considering 95% of of Public Safety Agencies Under-utilize Computer Mapping and GIS
  • A topic we discussed recently, Analytics for people, the next big thing in retail
  • If you have an interest in check-ins, 500 Million Foursquare Check-ins Visualized

In the maps category:

  • A different kind of map, Swiss Historical Maps Allow Journey Through Time In Your Browser
  • Map of the Geography of Abortion Access in the US
  • On the geography of languages, here's entries named World Maps of Language Families, World Maps of Language Families, Continued, and Remaining Language Families and Geographical Language Groups
  • Let's close this batch mode edition by another funny xkcd on mapping

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