OGC Draft GeoPackage Specification - Finally the Shapefile Format Replacement?

Can this be true? Finally a Shapefile replacement which would be a standard coming from the OGC? Maybe we're getting there! Here's an entry on the OGC Draft 'GeoPackage' Specification. You must take a look at the short presentation (below).

From Spatially Adjusted: "The specs are right what I’m looking for:

  • SQLite container
  • Vectors are Simple Features SQL (SpatiaLite)
  • Support for Rasters and Tiles (SQL Tables and API)
  • AtomPub

When I first saw it and the words OGC tied to it, I tried to hate it, I really did. But there is much here to like."

This is a topic we discussed a few times in the past in stories like: The future of the Shapefile format?FOSS4G Notes: SpatiaLite, the Shapefile of the Future?, and The Shapefile 2.0 Manifesto.


OGC Plenary GeoPkg_SWG 1-14

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