CyberTracker: Free GPS Field Data Collection System

With the launch of their Android version, I became aware of CyberTracker, a free "GPS Field Data Collection System that turns your smartphone into a sophisticated tracking and monitoring device". It's a non-profit organization and they mention free software several times, but not certain that is open source software, anyone knows?

From the website: "You can use CyberTracker on a Smartphone or handheld computer to record any type of observation. CyberTracker, which requires no programming skills, allows you to customize an Application for your own data collection needs. […] CyberTracker is the most efficient way to gather large quantities of geo-referenced data for field observations at a speed and level of detail not possible before. Observations can be entered with a simple Radio List or a Check List. Number and text fields can also be entered by means of conventional key pads or keyboards."

Plenty of screenshots here and the list of features.

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  1. Here's the answer I got from the developers:

    "The software is completely free and will always be so.

    While we are using GitHub repositories, we haven’t been able to go open, because we use a couple of commercial components on the desktop. We’re hoping to refactor and build a QGIS plugin so we can split things up and have something useful for the Open Source community, but we’re not there yet."