Slashgeo’s 8 Years Anniversary!

We did make it to 8 years after all :-) That was Monday last week. Thanks to the positive feedback we got and significant readership, we made it through another year! Launched in September, Slashgeo's news aggregation service now reaches over 10,000 unique geospatial professionals according to Google stats.

Let's be honest, the website needs a major refresh. For instance, it needs to be readable on mobile devices. Three years ago already, we migrated the website's engine from Slashcode to Drupal. While such major changes require efforts, I now want to move the site to WordPress. My personal conclusion is that Drupal's for large projects that benefit from expert maintainers which will be required to do a lot by themselves. Slashgeo is just a small voluntary/community project and we don't have that kind of resources. So if everything goes as planned, we'll get a new website in the coming months!

We're still looking for fellow enthusiasts who'd like to contribute to Slashgeo by sharing content and any other contribution that comes to mind. It's by lots of small contributions that in the end, it makes the all the difference in the world. In any case, thanks for reading Slashgeo and enjoy working on your geospatial projects! Have fun not just with what you do, but with how you do it too :-) — Alex, aka Satri

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