Google Maps Engine could be quietly coming to a halt soon

Anonymous submission: ZDNet reports that a Google spokesperson confirmed Maps Engine support will end on January 29. From the Google statement quoted in the article: “To help our Maps for Work customers continue to get the highest impact from our products, in we’ll focus on helping customers deliver location information via our Maps APIs and shift away from ...

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Mapro-web makes it easier than ever to publish your geospatial data on the web. The unique aspect of Mapro-web is that it doesn't require organizations to change the way in which they manage their spatial data. Mapro-web consumes many types of data and formats it into user-friendly maps for your website. Mapro-web can even publish your geospatial data in non-map formats such as tables that reveal maps when rows are clicked.

Mapro-web offers all the features you would expect of an advanced map management system such as customized markers, polylines and polygons and directions to any feature from the user's current location.

Mapro-web also has various add-ons such as Mapro-issue and Mapro-app which provide issue reporting and mobile apps respectively.

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Finding Success in A Growing Industry: Monterey, California Lawyers

Monterey, California law firm L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law and their top CannaBusiness lawyer Gavin Kogan are leading the way in California by providing clients
Monterey, CA, May 31, - Monterey, California law firm L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law and their top CannaBusiness lawyer Gavin Kogan are leading the way in California by providing clients with the experienced legal assistance they require to provide their customers with needed medical cannabis while building a profitable, legally sound cannabusiness.
Firm Founder and Partner Jeff Gilles believes “It is imperative that each jurisdiction begin a planning process that embraces the fact that our local citizens should be able to purchase Cannabis locally for medicinal purposes rather that driving to another jurisdiction to fill a prescription.  We are losing tax revenue, increasing Green House Gas Emissions attributable to unnecessary miles, and increasing the burden on patients suffering from MLS, Cancer and other illnesses where Cannabis has successfully been used to help those patients.”
Much of their interest has stemmed from the lack of available dispensaries in Monterey and San Benito Counties. “There are three kinds of counties, those that ban it outright, those that regulate it, and the most malicious has nothing on the books,” Kogan said in a Monterey County Weekly cover story by Mary Duan on May 29. “Well, maybe ‘malicious’ is too strong. But because of it, people don’t know what to do. If the county banned it, it would be easy, we could not run operations there.” L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law believes in changing perceptions and changing laws. They have a proven track record at achieving political and governmental advocacy for their clients and the fledgling and growing CannaBusiness industry is going to need careful navigation to achieve its goals.
L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law is leading the way in California on Cannabis Dispensary Law and the coming legalization of recreational marijuana.  The firm advises and represents cannabusinesses handling marijuana as well as cannabusinesses that not directly handling marijuana, also known as "ancillary" cannabusinesses. They support their clients with the legal knowledge they will need to effectively structure and operate a cannabusiness.
Clients confidently rely on Attorney Gavin.Kogan to help them identify and manage the legal issues that are relevant to a cannabusiness now, during prohibition. and in the future after legalization. This means that Mr. Kogan holds a command of the law, not only as it exists today, but also with respect to how it may evolve. This professionally developed legal judgment enables Mr. Kogan to critically assess both state and federal legal developments.
As an active participant in ARCView and in the cannabusiness community in general, Mr. Kogan appreciates the need to provide collaborative legal representation in this area of practice. He knows that cannabusiness owners want attorneys they can work with on an individual level in order to develop long-term legal business strategies tailored specifically to their own unique interests.
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FOSS4G-Europe – Early Bird Registration extended to May 30

It’s been a busy few weeks as things start to come together for FOSS4G Europe – but now, admittedly with some delay, we have managed the challenge of compiling an exciting program, to be published over the next days.

To give everyone time to have a look at the schedule before booking, we’ve extended the Early Bird registration deadline to May 30. In the meantime, many thanks to all who submitted abstracts – it has been a challenge to select the best of all excellent submissions passed in the last weeks. Altogether, the conference received about 78 abstracts in the general and 16 for the academic track. Every abstract has been carefully evaluated by the program committee to obtain a fair ranking.

On the whole there has been a very satisfying presence of topics relating to the relevant Open-Source- tools like GeoServer, MapServer, Zoo, rasdaman, Grass, and several more. As well OGC-standards like WMS, WMS, WCS, WCPS, WPS, and SOS have the attention of the community. All in all the bandwidth of proposals shows a good representation of the general trends in the geospatial world. In addition the Local Organizing Committee has secured facilities to run additional workshops and a code sprint during the conference.

A lot of registrations form Europe and beyond have poured in already, so make sure you are part of the crowd in this visionary European geo happening.

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FOSS4G Update: Keynotes, Travel Grants, Volunteer Discounts

Two new keynote speakers added to lineup

We are delighted to announce Sarah Novotny of NGINX and Al Shaw of ProPublica as keynote speakers for FOSS4G. They join Mike Bostock of the New York Times in this year's lineup.
Novotny is a technical evangelist and community manager for NGINX, founder of Blue Gecko, and is currently a program chair for O’Reilly Media’s OSCON. Shaw is a news applications developer at ProPublica and the creator of an award winning series of interactive maps documenting FEMA's response to Hurricane Sandy.

Travel Grant Program

To make sure that as many deserving people as possible can attend FOSS4G, we have created a travel grant program with funds to help cover registration, lodging, and travel costs. If you are excited about open source geospatial work but have economic barriers to attendance, we strongly encourage you to apply. Applications are due May 30th, and awardees will be notified mid-June.
Our travel grants are community funded; your donations help bring more of your colleagues to the conference. Consider an additional donation when you register for the conference or as a stand-alone contribution. If every attendee gave just $20, we could bring an additional 20 people to the conference.

Volunteer Discounts

We will also have a limited number of volunteer positions available; in exchange for a full day of work, volunteers will be eligible for a discounted rate of $125. Students will be given preference for these volunteer positions until July 1st. More details on the volunteer program and travel grants.

Important Conference Dates

See the full calendar for more details.
* June 15th: Early bird registration ends
* Sept 8th-9th: Workshops
* Sept 10th-12th: Main Conference
* Sept 13th: Code Sprint
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DRN data identifies addresses and helps clients drive portfolio returns

FORT WORTH, TX, May 02, – Digital Recognition Network (DRN), a leading provider of solutions for the financial services industry, today announced the release of Address Scoring, a solution that helps customers drive portfolio returns. Address Scoring delivers actionable business intelligence that results in improved processes, better customer service and reduced costs. For a limited time, DRN is offering Address Scoring as a free trial to qualified clients.

Address Scoring helps financial service companies achieve instant results to prevent fraud and recover debts. Insurance companies use the solution to investigate claims and detect insurance fraud. Once addresses are entered, Address Scoring accepts one or more given addresses and provides good and bad scores. A good score, means the address is likely good and a bad score indicates that the debtor may have moved or provided a fraudulent address.

“Address Scoring allows you to focus your resources where they will deliver the highest return. A good address represents an opportunity to improve customer relations and loyalty and a bad address gives you intelligence to act quickly, prevent losses and fraud. Ultimately, the value is actionable intelligence that can help to drive portfolio returns – fast,” says Chris Metaxas, DRN’s Chief Executive Officer.

DRN is showcasing the Beta version of Address Scoring at the Collections and Recovery Solutions Conference in Las Vegas, May 7-9. Clients interested in applying for the free trial should visit DRN at booth 37.

About DRN
DRN is a leading provider of data and analytics to the Financial Services, Insurance and Asset Recovery industries. Our solutions enable our clients to more effectively optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, and manage risk. An industry pioneer in vehicle location data and license plate recognition technology and services, DRN covers every major metropolitan area in the United States and maintains the largest vehicle location database under strict standards of privacy, compliance, and data integrity.

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Louisiana Historical Map Museum has new website.

The Cartographic Acquisition Research Teaching and Exhibition (CARTE - the French word for map) Museum is a non-profit cartographic museum located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of original maps and atlases. The collection documents early North American continental exploration and development centered on the present-day Louisiana Gulf Coast from the 1500s up to the appearance of aerial cartography in the early 20th century. CARTE houses one of the largest American atlas collections in the region.

The new website is a portal for information on the current exhibits and scheduling educational tours for large groups.


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Why the need for 3-axis scan heads positioning architecture technology?

Hudson NH, April 28, — Nutfield Technology the leader in galvanometer laser scanner manufacturing notes that with the increasing proliferation of lasers, laser technology and new materials, there is an increased need for laser beam positioning options. One of the more exiting positioning architecture technologies is the introduction of 3-axis scan heads.

With a post-objective3-axis scan head, the beam enters an expander lens where it diverges rapidly until it enters an objective lens. The beam then converges and passes through, and is steered by, a set of X and Y mirrors, which are galvanometer mirrors.

Post-objective 3-axis scan heads offer designers the speed advantages over a 2-axis system. They can also provide a small spot size and the ability to scan large field sizes like an X, Y plotter. A post-object laser scanner architecture has a two-dimensional x-y scanning mechanism that’s placed after a movable expander lens and a focusing objective lens. These scan heads are also very good at operating in three dimensions. Because of these attributes, the 3-axis scan head is ideal for cutting, marking, rapid prototyping, drilling, and imaging on contoured surfaces. They work well on photosensitive plates, wood, textiles, tiles, metals, paper and stone.

For more information about the galvanometer mirrors 3-axis scan heads or any of Nutfield Technology’s line of highly precise laser scan heads.

About Nutfield Technology
Nutfield Technology has been designing and manufacturing advanced galvanometer based optical scanners, scan heads, laser scan kits, and scan control software and hardware since 1997. As the one-stop solution for laser scanning, Nutfield Technology has a full product line ideally suited for most laser scanning applications. Nutfield Technology is located in Hudson, New Hampshire, 30 miles north of Boston with representation in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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Getmapping Adds an UltraCam Eagle 210 to its Survey Camera Suite

Getmapping has acquired an additional Microsoft UltraCam Eagle digital survey camera which adds both greater data capture capacity and capabilities. The camera will be used for both Getmapping’s own busy data capture schedules and be available for rent under one of the company’s flexible rental schemes.


This is the second UltraCam Eagle purchased by Getmapping but the first with a 210mm lens. The Eagle’s interchangeable lens system provides great flexibility and is specifically designed for high-resolution digital aerial photography. The 210mm lens enables imagery to be captured at 12.5 cm resolution from an altitude of 16,000 feet (4,875 metres). Notably this is well above most Air Traffic Control (ATC) restrictions which often thwart scheduled flying above key cities, busy air routes and areas of high military activity. 


The UltraCam Eagle can capture full RGB and Near Infrared (NIR) imagery at up to 2cm resolution. It takes up less aircraft space due to solid state hard drives and its reduced payload improves aircraft fuel economy. The system will support our UK and African operations and will be available for worldwide rental.


Getmapping continues to offer a range of flexible camera rental options which will help link costs directly to revenue generated. Rental options include access to the latest cameras, including the Microsoft UltraCam Eagle with a choice of 100mm or 210mm lens and the Visionmap A3 system. The rental options include:


  • Standard System Rental - camera system rental for a fixed period for a fixed fee. 
  • Flexible Rental - camera system rental for an agreed duration with a reduced fixed fee, plus a fee per kilometre of data captured.
  • Pay As You Go - camera system rental on a ‘pay as you go’ (per kilometre captured) basis, subject to minimum targets.
  • Integrated Solution - camera system rental plus image processing also available as a full ‘pay as you go’ per kilometre solution.


We have found the Microsoft UltraCam series to be exceptionally reliable during the nine years that we have been flying them said Martin Tocher, Getmapping’s Operations Director. The 210mm lens is likely to be a real asset and should help us overcome most ATC restrictions and make the best use of the limited weather opportunities here in the UK,” continued Tocher.


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What are Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Jobs?

Earth Observation Directory (EOD) provides worldwide job positions related to Earth Observation and Remote Sensing since more than a year and it recently announced an detailed analysis of all their job opportunities.

In which country you can find the most of opportunities? Which skills are the most commonly required? And, what about salary expectations? These are some of the questions, which they wanted to answer. As a result, they set up an interesting profile of the Remote Sensing & GIS Specialist. For example, it shows that most of opportunities are provided by governmental institutions like universities and research laboratories. Moreover, it highlights that besides usual GIS software abilities, language programming is more and more required.

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