Create interactive maps with Geoserver using Packt’s new book and e-book.

GeoServer Beginner's Guide is a new book from Packt that teaches the readers to build custom maps using the dynamic real-time geospatial information. With the help of this book, readers will learn sharing of real-time maps quickly.

About the Authors:

Stefano Iacovella, a GIS developer, consultant and course instructor, has a Ph.D in Geology. He has been using GeoServer since the release of Version 1.5; configuring, deploying, and hacking it in several projects. Some of the other GFOSS projects he mainly uses and likes are GDAL/OGR libraries, PostGIS, QGIS, and OpenLayers.

Brian was the founding partner and Chief Technology Officer for IntelliTours, a GPS-guided multimedia tour in the past. A combined passion in Drupal and scalable GIS solutions led him to adopt GeoServer for rapidly changing geospatial data stores.

Filled with plenty of examples along-with screenshots and code, the book begins with installation instructions and moves on to core topics such as accessing geospatial data from database, building custom maps, creating styles for lines, points, and polygons for great looking maps. Readers will also learn to easily integrate geospatial data into web-based applications.

This book takes readers through topics such as configuring Geoserver proxy for remote data access using REST, tuning Geoserver instance for performance, displaying data on web-based interactive maps, and embedding images to visualize data for web visitors. In addition to these, readers will also learn advanced topics for extending GeoServer's capabilities.

The chapters emphasized in this book are:

Chapter 1: GIS Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Getting Started with GeoServer

Chapter 3: Exploring the Administrative Interface

Chapter 4: Accessing Layers

Chapter 5: Adding Your Data

Chapter 6: Styling Your Layers

Chapter 7: Creating Simple Maps

Chapter 8: Performance and Caching

Chapter 9: Automating Tasks: GeoServer REST Interface

Chapter 10: Securing GeoServer Before Production

Chapter 11: Tuning GeoServer in a Production Environment

Chapter 12: Going Further: Getting Help and Troubleshooting

Web developers with knowledge of server side scripting and experience in installing applications on the server will find this book interesting to read.

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