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Batch Geonews: 3D OpenLayers, MapQuest APIs for Android and iOS, Pitney Bowes’ Geosk, and much more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

From the open source and open data front:

  • BrainOff shares a few examples of capabilities offered only by OpenStreetMap because of its open nature
  • V1 mentions ReadyMap, using OpenLayers to render 3D models directly in the browser
  • Here's a way to enhance raster contrast with gdal_lightner, with may makes its way as a QGIS Plugin
  • Sean made me aware of pygp, a python geoprocessing package
  • Here's a short but interesting article named  The GeoWeb, Citizen Science and Open Data
  • Harvard's WorldMap reached version 1.0 and they're looking for participants, we mentioned WorldMap in the past

In the everything-else category:

  • MapQuest Releases Native Mobile Mapping APIs for Android and Apple iOS, and yes, you can use OpenStreetMap data with it
  • And there's now live traffic cameras in MapQuest too
  • SS shares a nicely done 2-minutes video of the OGC on the value of geospatial and standards
  • DM shares more information on Pitney Bowes's Geosk geodata platform, we mentioned Geosk last december. From the article: "Geosk is a platform for finding and using geospatial data. It combines a data as a service (DaaS) offering with a data management product. At its heart, Geosk is a completely scalable data management system that allows our customers to share their data with any user they choose, including their customers. Around this data management system we wrap an e-commerce engine to help our customers buy and sell premium geospatial data."
  • Slashdot discussed Canada's Massive Public Traffic Surveillance System, which involves license plate reading, a topic covered a few times already
  • DM offers an article on socio-demographic structures in Germany
  • SS informs us a 3D model of Bangkok is now publicly available
  • SS also informs us of Ericsson's Geo Location Messaging API, I wonder how it relates to GeoSMS
  • In two entries, V1 explore to potential synergies between music interfaces and controllers and geospatial

In the maps category:

  • O'Reilly shares a map of Mexico's drug war
  • WunderMap now has historical weather maps for you
  • Here's a map of the U.S. showing terrain by using only the roads
  • SS shares an entry named Energy Use Data for all of New York City Released in Map Form
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