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Friday Geonews: Australia Flood Maps, ArcGIS Success Stories, iOS Find my Friends, Sarah Palin’s Map, and more

Here's the Friday geonews in batch mode. On the open source / open data front:

  • Here's the fourth entry in the Free Shapefiles of Countries of the World (4) series
  • Via OpenGeoData, I learned about OSMTrack 3.0, an iOS app designed for contributing to OpenStreetMap (more here on version 3)
  • Here's an entry on the future of Marble, the KDE virtual globe
  • Here's an entry on improving GeoTools / GeoServer raster reprojection performance
On the ESRI front:
  • Here's a list of ArcGIS Server Success Stories Published In
In the miscellaneous category:
  • Several geoblogs mentioned the ABC Australia flood maps, along with ESRI's Autralia flood maps
  • Apple is adding a 'Find My Friends' feature to iOS 4.3
  • An entry on the MapQuest and Ford Partnership on MyFord Mobile App for Electrified Vehicle Drivers
  • Here's Andrew Turner's 3 main geospatial trends: consumer mobile and privacy, commercial data -> open data, and visualization -> analysis
In the maps category:
  • Sarah Palin's Political Action Committee map which uses crosshairs to target 20 Democratic Party members to defeat, a map discussed in the controversy regarding the shooting in Tucson, Arizona
  • A map of Aerosols in Earth's Atmosphere
  • NRCan released hundreds of new or updated CanTopo free topographical maps for Canada
  • A map of the Internet in 1972
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Open Source Geonews: PostGIS Versioning with pgVersion, Python QGIS Cookbook, and some more

Here's a few recent open source-related geospatial news:

  • Via the OSGeo-Discuss list, I learned about pgVersion, a PostGIS versioning tool: "Versioning of Postgis-Layers will become essential, when more than one person edits the same layer concurrently. To manage concurrencing editing of a single Postgis Layer the pgVersion management system supports your work. The idea is to create a versioning system for editing PostGIS-Layers similar to source code versioning systems like CVS or Subversion."
  • There's a new Python QGIS Cookbook available from Martin Dobias, named PyQGIS Cookbook
  • Geomajas has graduated out of OSGeo incubation, Geomajas is an extensible open source web mapping framework in Java
  • Here's a new free GeoServer 2.0 introductory workshop
  • Here's an entry on editing gvSIG maps with Inkscape, on a side note, if you don't know Inkscape yet, try it, it's an excellent open source alternative to Illustrator
  • The OpenGeo Suite Community Edition 2.3.0 has been released
  • GeoNode is not at version 1.0 yet, but you can learn more about it with this GeoNode presentation
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Friday Geonews: Google Maps Data API Deprecated, Nicaragua Raid Using Google Maps, Russia LULC with 12,000 L5 Scenes, and more

Here's the recent geonews in batch mode.

On the Google front:

  • The Maps Data API is being deprecated, replaced by Fusion Tables in the Maps API v3
  • In addition to the Maps API for Flash, Styled Maps launched for the Static Maps API
  • There was an imagery update this week for Google Maps and Earth
  • Google also previewed StreetView imagery for Germany
  • There's an official Panoramio Photo Contest

On the FOSS4G front:

  • The next version of QGIS will feature raster masks, explained in this entry
  • GeoServer gets a new file chooser

In the miscellaneous category:

  • Slashdot started a discussion today named Nicaragua Raids Costa Rica, Blames Google Maps
  • The GEB details Breadcrumbs, a software to visualize your GPS tracks in 3D
  • The Russians are serious mapping land use land cover, with 12,000 Landsat-5 scenes acquired in
  • TMR shares a review of the DeLorme GPS/Communicator Combo
  • DigitalGlobe is reporting is third consecutive down quarter
  • Everyblock released their API

In the maps category:

  • A quick look at this map with a reversed Mercator effect for Africa and Greenland makes obvious how maps projections can be misleading, especially the omnipresent Mercator projection
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Monday Geonews: GeoExt Licensing, MapQuest Down 22%, ESRI Forestry Templates, Wikileaks Iraq War logs Mapped, and much more

I wasn't available to share the recent geonews in batch mode last Friday, so there you go!

On the Google front:

  • Google Places is now more widely available in Asia
  • New in Google Maps for Android: Latitude real-time updating and more
  • Via APB, there's a 'big buttons' version of the Google Maps UI that is being tested

On the Microsoft front:

  • Bing Maps' latest map app is OnTerra’s “RouteSavvy” Route Optimizer, allowing you to find the best route for multiple destinations (think solving the travelling salesman problem)
  • IDV's Visual Fusion 5.0 has been released, it integrates with Microsoft tools such as Bing Maps and Sharepoint

On the open source / data front:

  • Here's an important entry if you use ExtJS or GeoExt, it's about the licensing limitations of GeoExt depending on your use case
  • Here's a blog entry on how do OpenStreetMap and open government geodata fit together
  • There's WMS cascading in the latest GeoServer
  • Here's an interesting entry named Latest on JPEG2000 Improved Support for the Java world

On the ESRI front:

  • An entry named Esri Forestry Group Aims to Create Open Templates and Tools
  • Here's two entries from V1 on ESRI's Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) conference, one named “All Roads Lead to Rome” and a second one named Thought – Is ESRI Building a Search Engine?

In the miscellaneous category:

  • Here's an entry on a disagreement of the value of REST for geodata processing and the OGC
  • We mentioned China's MapWorld recently, here's more info and a note that it uses DigitalGlobe imagery
  • Here's a free set of online calculators for geographic coordinates and distances
  • It seems that Vans can Drive Themselves Across the World and another geo-related discussion over Slashdot: Forming New Mobile Networks With People-Borne Sensors
  • Here's news from LizardTech: Next Generation MrSID Technology Offers Enhanced Compression Technology for Hyperspectral Data
  • I liked this short tidbit letting us know that a "trial in New South Wales revealed that a GPS device that beeped when drivers were over the local speed limit (access from a database, not input by drivers as other devices require) caused 89% of drivers to slow down."
  • Also from APB: MapQuest Visits Down 22% over Last Year
  • And if you like editwars, "Neogeography" has been deleted from Wikipedia
  • And ending up the serie from APB, updating a NAVTEQ in-dash GPS can cost you more than the value of a new handheld GPS device
  • Why not, Australian Researchers Design Software to Help Robots Read Maps

In the maps category:

  • The Wikileaks Iraq War Logs Mapped
  • Here's an interesting entry named The Surprising Geography of International Tourism
  • Here's a review of the new National Geographic Atlas
  • Here's about the Berlin Solar Atlas project
  • The One Europe One Geology book is now online
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GeoServer 2.1 Beta Released

The GeoServer blog has an announcement about a new beta version. The following is a list of features available in the new beta :

  • WMS Cascading
  • Virtual Services
  • Layers from SQL
  • WPS
  • Unit of Seasure
  • DPI Scaling

Head on over to the blog to see the detailed description of the features and download links.

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