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Google Geonews: Earth for Android 1.1, Building Maker Improved, New Imagery, Katrina and Arcade Fire Location-Based Video

Here's a first round up of Google-related geonews for the last week.

  • Google Earth for Android was updated to v1.1, and now includes the oceans
  • StreetView imagery is now available in Google Building Maker, in addition to 6 new Building Maker-enabled cities
  • Once again, there's new imagery available in Google Earth and Maps
  • Google Lat Long shares an entry for the 5 years of Hurricane Katrina
  • If you're a golfer, the Golf Courses layer came back to Google Earth
  • Here's a surprising example of location-based html5 music video made by band Arcade Fire and Google, making use of Google Maps and StreetView for your own childhood neighborhood.
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Amazon Watch & International Rivers use Google Earth to map impacts of mega-dam in Brazilian Amazon

Amazon Watch and International Rivers, two non-profit environmental groups, have been advocating against the construction of the Belo Monte hydro-electric dam in the Brazilian Amazon, what would be the third-largest in the world. To make its threats palpable, the two organizations used Google Earth to map how the dam would flood cities and make stagnant pools out of the Xingu River, a vital tributary of the Amazon and the lifeblood of the riverine and indigenous peoples who live there.

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