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Batch Geonews: 3D Printing Pen, OGC’s GeoPackage Standard, ArcGIS Explorer 2500, Major Bing Maps Updates, and much much more

Here's the geonews in batch mode, unusually covering 4 weeks, thus a much longer issue.

On the open source / data front:

  • With the GeoPackage standard in the oven and its opportunity to replace the aging shapefile format, read this very pertinent summary named Takeaways from OpenGeo’s Comments on OGC and the Proposed GeoPackage Specification
  • An interesting entry on TileMill for Raster Analysis
  • In the same vein, expanding TileMill's Building Symbolizer to Visualize Complex 3D Structures
  • EasySDI V3 is now available
  • The open source virtual globe Marble 1.5 is now available for MacOS X

On the Esri front:

  • A book review of "Python Scripting for ArcGIS" by Paul A. Zandbergen
  • A new version, and here's what’s new in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop 2500
  • The ArcGIS Query Analysis Add-In is available for download
  • Here's the ArcGIS Online World Topographic Map February updates and here's the previous update
  • ArcGIS applied to tennis, Using spatial analytics to study spatio-temporal patterns in sport
  • APB shares a Esri Federal GIS Conference News Roundup

On the Google front:

  • Google announced that Public Alerts for Google Search, Google Now and Google Maps available in Japan
  • The official entry on Expanding Street View in Europe
  • The GEB again mentions Tracking Satellites in Google Earth, this time linking to the new SightSpaceStation website

On the Microsoft front:

  • A new Bing Maps Tech Preview at TED Conference: "a new twist: the ability to mine Flickr for geotagged photos and overlay onto Bing Maps streetside imagery for a perfect visual lock"
  • Bing Maps got a major overhaul, 46.7 TB of new imagery and a Silverlight version of Bing Maps... I though Silverlight was abandoned?
  • Here's the entry on the New Top of the World and High Resolution Satellite Imagery
  • An entry on Bing Maps REST Service Tips & Tricks
  • And New to REST Services: Elevations API and 3D Elevation Models with Bing Maps WPF
  • And training for apps builders, Bing Maps for Windows Store Apps Training Kit

Geospatial-related discussions over Slashdot:

  • Startup Uses Radiation Fear To Map Cellphone Coverage
  • Fox News: US Solar Energy Investment Less Than Germany Because US Has Less Sun, comparing maps, it's simply far from the truth
  • The US Redrawn As 50 Equally Populated States
  • Drones Still Face Major Hurdles In US Airspace and AirBurr UAV Navigates By Crashing Into Things
  • Canon Demos New Head-Mounted Augmented-Reality Display
  • Texas Bills Would Bar Warrantless Snooping On Phone Location

In the everything else category:

  • A lot of sources mentioned 3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen, while not entirely geospatial-related, 3D printing is mainstream now
  • APB shares an entry on a Free e-Book on Online GIS which compares ArcGIS Online, CartoDB, CloudGIS, GeoCommons, MangoMap and MapBox
  • Trying to amend myself for not having shared this before, here's How Interactivity Works with UTFGrid for web maps, along with a visual demo, and an example using OpenLayers
  • APB has an entry named U.S. House Representatives Introduce Online Communications and Geolocation Protection Act
  • Everything is a geospatial sensor, Rain tracked with mobile network
  • A milestone release, MapBox iOS SDK Goes 1.0.0 + New Features
  • MapQuest Introduced Free Travel Blogs to help people share their travel adventures
  • Mapperz mentions that the USPS Mapping Tool allows you to pick your own delivery routes
  • APB links to an article named How Google And Bing Maps Control What You Can See

In the maps category:

  • We presented a world map of undersea internet connections, here's the interactive Submarine Cable Map
  • Scary, maps of the U.S. Geography of Sin, and here's the U.S. Geography of Happiness
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Batch geonews: Google Earth API Deprecated, ArcGIS 10.3 Released, 2nd Learning QGIS, Nokia-Baidu Partnership, and much more

Here’s the last batch-mode edition, covering most of December. Might interest some of you, Slashgeo’s posts are now mirrored on Google+. Have an excellent holiday break. On the open source / open data front: More support for the standard, GDAL GeoPackage raster support Reading, The Book of OpenLayers 3, completed And another one announced, 2nd edition ...

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Batch Geonews: JS.geo Conference, ArcMap2SLD, MapQuest Discover, GLONASS Corruption, and much more

Here's the latest batch-mode edition of the geonews.

From the open source front:

  • InaSAFE 1.0 launched, it's a "free software that produces realistic natural hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities", it's also a QGIS plugin

From the Esri front:

  • Interested by the SLD standard? Here's about converting an ArcMap project file into an SLD document with ArcMap2SLD
  • Here's how to add access to various formats to ArcGIS using GDAL/OGR
  • Here's How to build an Apple Map app for iOS using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

From the Google front:

  • Google reminds us to let indoor Google Maps be your guide this holiday shopping season
  • There were Big updates to Google Mars
  • There's also Google Earth Outreach in Australia and New Zealand now

In the miscellaneous category:

  • Bill Gates writes about GIS, GPS and maps, Digital Mapping Technology Helps Polio Vaccinators Zero In
  • Here's another must-read entry on the GIS crisis from Brian Timoney, arguing that (Domain Experience + GIS)   >   (GIS + domain experience)
  • James tells us about the upcoming JS.geo Geospatial JavaScript conference in Denver January 14-15, attendance is also only 10$
  • Another story on Secret Stingray Warrantless Cellphone Tracking
  • GLONASS corruption exposed and 200M$ stolen, GLONASS Satellite System Designer Fired
  • An Apple Maps consequence; Scott Forstall Reportedly Forced Out of Apple
  • A few news from MapQuest, New MapQuest Gas Prices App and MapQuest for iPhone with Traffic-Influenced Directions, and they also introduced MapQuest Discover, a new MapQuest Local, and more: "a photo-centric social and travel experience centered on places that people may want to explore"
  • Geospatial isn't just for driverless cars, Motorcycle App Helps You Ride Faster, Turn Sharper, Brake Harder
  • We already know about drones, More Drones Set To Use US Air Space
  • An article on Taking the 'Pulse' of Volcanoes Using Satellite Images
  • Meet the World's First 3D Printing Photo Booth and on that topic, How to print a 3D Google Earth building using Makerbot
  • APB provides Bentley Systems by the Numbers
  • Apparently, U.S. Weather Satellites Are Dying
  • Here's a different 3D game, where you learn about the effects of the speed of light (via ORR)
  • Here's a generic article on how web mapping is helping government improve communications and services

And finally, at the suggestion of a Slashgeo user which made a donation, we added a 'Paypal button' to ease the process of making donation to Slashgeo.

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