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Batch Geonews: Landsat 5 Decommissioned, GeoPackage RFC, Geocoding Client API in GDAL/OGR, Drone Stories, and much more

This is an abnormally long version of our 'batch geonews' edition, covering the news since the holiday break.

On the open source & open data front:

  • This entry discusses the new geocoding client API in GDAL/OGR
  • Good news, QGIS gets built-in Oracle support, along with New QGIS PDF and HTML manuals and New QGIS Symbol Packages
  • James informs us on the GeoPackage Comment Period is Open, GeoPackage what? Read this previous entry named OGC Draft GeoPackage Specification - Finally the Shapefile Format Replacement?
  • James is also enthusiastic about D3.js for its map visualization capabilities
  • More in the useful chaining Rendering Transformations in GeoServer
  • In case you missed the press releases, GeoTools 8.5 released and GeoServer 2.2.3 released
  • Freely available course named Java Open Source GIS Development - From the building block to extending an existing GIS application
  • Here's an entry on using PgRouting with Mapserver

On the Esri front:

  • The ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.3 Released

In the miscellaneous category:

  • It's really the end now, mission accomplished, Landsat 5 will be decommissioned (via VS)
  • Follow this link if you have an interest in 30+ years of LAI and FAPAR data for Your research use
  • Microsoft shares an entry on Getting started with Bing Maps Windows Store Apps
  • Here's an interesting top 10, Top 10 Spatial Law and Policy Stories from
  • DM shares an article named Intergraph Retools, Revamps Entire Geospatial Product Suite
  • Beidou, aka as Compass, China’s GNSS, is now available for Commercial Use in Asia
  • O'Reilly discusses the inevitability of smart dust, where geospatial-aware sensors are to be found everywhere
  • Here's geospatial studies of atmospheric lead as a dangerous pollutant
  • Here's a funny xkcd cartoon on 'simplifying' map directions

A bunch of minor geo-related stories discussed over Slashdot:

  • Nice use of drones: Drone Photos Lead to Indictment For Texas Polluters
  • Also on drones: Researchers Seek to Use Drones For Brushfire Forecasting
  • A real-time map of those bushfires was up: Australia Is On So Much Fire, You Can See It From Orbit
  • Remote sensing satellites in jeopardy thanks to the fiscal cliff: Going Off the Fiscal Cliff Could Mean Missing the Next Hurricane Sandy
  • Slashdot just discovered OpenFlights, which we mentioned years ago: Visualizing Personal Flight Data With OpenFlights
  • Benefits and inconveniences of being tracked: Disney Wants To Track You With RFID
  • Also on RFID: Texas High School Student Loses Lawsuit Challenging RFID Tracking Requirement and Texas State Rep. Files 2 Bills To Ban RFID In Schools

In the maps category:

  • Pretty interesting map, one that more or less works both upside down and... upside up! (screenshot below)