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University of Putra, Malaysia Improves Research Skills with Android-powered SuperSurv 3.1

Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS mapping software and solutions, announced that SuperSurv 3.1 assisted the Faculty of Human Ecology at the University of Putra, Malaysia in completing efficient field data collection to perform advance analysis and support its research projects.


University of Putra is the biggest public university in Serdang, Malaysia with 16 faculties such as Agriculture, Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, etc. As a premier institution of learning, UPM strives for excellence through improving the hardware and software equipment and encouraging constant educational innovations.


GIS nowadays is used as an important tool for topological analysis of geographical spaces, modeling, showing the time and ecology change. Featuring handy layer management, GPS support, and new editing functions, SuperSurv 3.1, the Android-powered mobile GIS application, allows educators and students to obtain reliable field data for GIS visualization and analysis for greater research results.


Supergeo will exhibit at Asia Geospatial Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to increase more market shares through collaborating the local enterprises, education institution, and governments in ASEAN.

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Hitachi’s Tiny Robo-Taxi Carries 1 Passenger and No Driver

Not the same 'driverless cars' than the recent stories, here's Slashdot discussing Hitachi's Tiny Robo-Taxi Carries 1 Passenger and No Driver.

Their summary: "A new driver-less robotic car nicknamed ROPITS was revealed recently by Hitachi in the city of Tsukuba. This tiny robotic car uses GPS to transport its single passenger, and it can be programmed to pick up and drop passengers automatically. Check this article and video to learn more about this car."

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If You’re a Foreigner Using GPS In China, You Could Be a Spy

That's one of the geo-stories discussed over Slashdot over the weekend, If You're a Foreigner Using GPS In China, You Could Be a Spy. We mentioned China's restriction on foreigner mapping.

Their summary: "China has accused Coca Cola of espionage for its 'illegal mapping,' allegedly with the use of GPS 'devices with ultra high sensitivity.' On its face the case looks like yet another example of China's aggressive sensitivity about its maps, no doubt heightened by its ongoing fracas with the U.S. over cyberwar. Li Pengde, deputy director of the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, said during a radio interview on Tuesday that the Coca Cola case was only one of 21 similar cases involving companies using GPS devices in Yunnan to 'illegally obtain classified information.' According to Chinese authorities, geographical data can be used by guided missiles to strike key military facilities — a concern that one GPS expert says is overblown at a time when the U.S. government already has high-precision satellite maps of China. Nevertheless, Chinese law dictates that foreigners, be they companies or individuals, are prohibited from using highly-sensitive GPS equipment in China."

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Google Geonews: New 3D Imagery for Cities, Mapping Meteo Impacts, Google Earth for Research Book, Multiplayer Games, and more

I have a lot of geonews to catchup. You'll get everything that's pertinent (at least from my point of view ;-), but just a bit later than usual. Thanks for your patience!

Here's the recent Google-related geonews. Nothing major, but several interesting items.

From official sources:

  • The first update to the Google Maps SDK for iOS
  • Google informs us that Ski Resorts are now on Google Maps

From other sources:

  • The GEB informs us that Google released 3D imagery in Berne (Switzerland), Anaheim (California) and other cities around the world
  • Ogle Earth has an entry named Reconstructing the Chelyabinsk meteor’s path, with Google Earth, YouTube and high-school math
  • Related, the GEB has an entry named Mapping meteor impacts
  • Still the same source a book named "Google Earth and Virtual Visualizations in Geoscience Education and Research"
  • The GEB shares a kmz to watch U.S. watersheds in Google Earth
  • The GEB reminds us that we can animate GPS tracks in Google Earth
  • You're an Olympics fan? Previewing the Winter Olympics in Sochi
  • If you prefer Grand Prix racing, Ride along GP tracks from all over the world
  • There has been games for Google Earth for a while, but now we're talking about multiplayer games: Two player driving shooter game in Google Earth
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Supergeo Unveils Android-powered SuperSurv 3.1 for Efficient Field Data Collection

Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, unveils the Android-powered mobile survey application, SuperSurv 3.1 to improve data collection in fields.


SuperSurv 3.1 integrates with GIS and GPS technologies to help filed surveyors collect spatial data with ease. The mobile GIS application supports common vector layer format (GEO and SHP), allowing users to read the cached map (SGT file) in local machine or connect to the map services published by SuperGIS Server as the base map to increase field productivity.


The newest SuperSurv 3.1 enhances the editing functions and layer management for offering more user-friendly manipulations. The new editing tools such as feature rotation and snapping can assist users in editing feature on mobile devices more effectively and precisely.


SuperSurv 3.1 allows users to define the transparency setting to overlay the layers form diverse resources so that users can adjust layer display settings flexibly to view the spatial data. Furthermore, SuperSurv 3.1 supports digital compass display that helps field surveyors quickly comprehend the actual direction they are heading.

#  #  #


About Supergeo


Supergeo Technologies Inc. is a leading global provider of GIS software and solutions. Since the establishment, Supergeo has been dedicated to providing state-of-the-art geospatial technologies and comprehensive services for customers around the world. It is our vision to help users utilize geospatial technologies to create a better world.


Supergeo software and applications have been spread over the world to be the backbone of the world’s mapping and spatial analysis. Supergeo is the professional GIS vendor, providing GIS-related users with complete GIS solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms.

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Call for participation to 7th Annual GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference, and UN/Croatia Workshop on GNSS Applications in Baska, Krk Island, Croatia, April

On behalf of the organisers, I am delighted to kindly invite you to participate to two consecutive GNSS events that will take place in Croatia in April. 

The 7th Annual GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference will be held in Baska, Krk Island, Croatia, 18 - 20 April. A traditional and unique GNSS event in the world is organised by The Royal Institute of Navigation (London, UK) and Faculty of Maritime Studies (University of Rijeka, Croatia), addressing the most important issues of risk assessment and mitigation methods for various GNSS vulnerabilities, including the effects of space weather and the ionosphere, and their effects on performance and operation of GNSS systems and GNSS applications. Traditionally, the conference starts with the plenary session where the top officials of existing (GPS, GLONASS) and forthcoming (Galileo, Bediou) satellite navigation systems present the recent developments. Presented papers will be peer-reviewed and published in the paper conference proceedings, referenced in respectable scientific databases. More details on this conference can be found in the attached Call for Papers, including the topics, and accommodation, travelling and registration details. A modest conference fee applies. You are kindly advised to register your participation with Ms Sally-Anne Cooke, Conference Manager with The Royal Institute of Navigation, London, UK.
The UN/Croatia Workshop on GNSS Applications will be held in continuation of the 7th Annual GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference in Baska, Krk Island, Croatia, 21 - 25 April. Co-sponsored by the Government of the USA, this annual workshop assembles GNSS operators, scientists, professionals, regulators and users, with the aim to facilitate co-operation, knowledge transfer and ideas exchange. The workshop programme comprises: a one-day GNSS tutorial series, presentations of national GNSS-related developments, co-operation activities in three Working Groups (on GNSS Applications and Space Weather, GNSS Reference Networks and Services, and GNSS Education). This workshop is free to attend, and no conference fee applies. More information about this event (including the general information, application form, registration form, and programme-at-a-glance) can be found at the web-site of the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs (OOSA), VIenna, Austria.   
A dedicated Exhibition area will be organised for the course of both events. Interesting parties are offered a number of stands at no additional costs (apart from the regular conference fee for the 7th Annual GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference).
Both events will be held in Baska, Krk Island, Croatia, a well-known holiday resort on the northern-most island on the Croatian Adriatic coast (a photo gallery of a venue can be found at: , with the lovely 2 km-long sandy beach, a well-preserved cultural heritage of the Old Town and a magnificent 4 km-long promenade along the sea. A pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere, rich programme of social events and participation of the most prominent GNSS personalities in the world will facilitate co-operation, knowledge and ideas exchange in a very relaxed atmosphere.   
Baska offers a range of accommodation options in 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels. Participants to the forthcoming GNSS events are offered specially tailored discounted all-inclusive accommodation arrangements by Hoteli Baska. You are kindly advised to consult the enclosed conference materials, or to contact directly Ms Valentina Topic of Hoteli Baska for all your enquires and accommodation package booking. Do note that offer is exclusive, and only the direct booking with Hoteli Baska will allow you to attend the conference/workshop sessions and social events.
The first registrations, abstract submissions and accommodation bookings have already arrived to Baska. I kindly invite you to consider your participation as either a speaker/paper presenter, an exhibitor, or an attendee. 
I am staying at your disposal for every additional information or clarification you may need in regard to the forthcoming GNSS events in Baska. Additionally, I will very appreciate your kind assistance in informing the colleagues about the forthcoming GNSS events.
Looking forward for your registration, submission and the privilege of welcoming you to Baska.
With my best regards,
Dr Renato Filjar, FRIN
Satellite navigation and space weather specialist and analyst
Associate Professor of Electronics Engineering
Member of Council, The Royal Institute of Navigation, London, UK


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Supergeo Launches Android-powered Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.1

Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, introduces Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.1 for Android-powered devices in Taiwan.


Designed to perform cadastral position, field survey and measurement, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.1 integrates with GIS, GPS, and e-compass technologies to help field surveyors quickly locate their current position and cadastral information to accomplish filed tasks efficiently.


Supporting Android 2.3+ devices, the newest Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.1 allows for easy cadastral data query with the enhanced query function, helping users to obtain and recognize perimeter and area information of the district simultaneously. Additionally, the query results of cadastral data can be saved and exported as text file (TXT) for further field application use.


Moreover, SuperSurv 3 is also available for Android users to complete data collection and edit features and attribute data during surveys. SuperSurv 3.1 will be launched later this month.

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Batch Geonews: OSGeo Annual Report, Cloud-Offloaded GPS, Contact Lenses AR, Geojobs Shortage, and much more

Quite a few interesting news in this batch mode edition.

From the open source front:

  • It was the first time I heard about the open source LSI Viewer, an online Shapefile viewer
  • There's the new MapProxy 1.5.0 released
  • And Portable GIS is now at version 3.1
  • It is also the first time we mention GisClient, "an open source software written in AJAX, Javascript, PHP/MapScript that offers an innovative way to manage complex GIS projects. The main strength in it is that allows to configure a big range of tools and functionalities easily and quickly."
  • If you're working with the U.S. Federal government, take a look at FedGeo Day, to be held in Washington DC on February 28, here's the official website
  • Here's the MapBox New Features Roundup
  • Regarding QGIS, visualising QGIS data in 3D with Blender and on Sharing QGIS Symbols
  • Here's the just released OSGeo Annual Report
  • A bugfix, PostGIS 2.0.2 has been released
  • And there's the call for papers and new website for FOSS4G, in the U.K. this year
  • The open source ArcGIS for Local Government Apps Available Now on GitHub

From the Google front:

  • Google announced two new features for the Google Places API: Place Photos and Radar Search.
  • Google wants us to know that they're listening to our Google Maps feedback
  • The GEB shares links for The making of the "Powers of Ten", the 1977 video
  • The GEB also reports that Botswana not happy with Google Street View, since it "compromise their security"

In the miscellaneous category:

  • APB informs us about cloud-offloaded GPS (CO-GPS) to decrease power needed by GPS devices
  • DM reports that the National Geologic Map Database Gets a Face Lift
  • We now have drones that can infect with software virus other drones
  • Here's an OGC summary of Location Business Summit USA
  • Augmented reality to the extreme, Belgian Researchers Build LCD Contact Lenses
  • Extending their offer, MapBox Teams Up with DigitalGlobe on Satellite Imagery
  • Here's the ArcGIS Online World Topographic Map December updates, and also Esri-related, Esri Updates Terms of Use on (Free) Personal Accounts for ArcGIS Online
  • On geospatial jobs, APB shares two interesting entries; NZ Report on Geospatial Skill Shortage and Four of Eight Emerging Careers for Demand Geospatial Skills

in the maps category:

  • Here's an entry named Using Series of Maps to Represent Changes in Time: How Diabetes Swept the U.S.
  • VerySpatial links to an entry and map on the geography of US charity
  • Let's end this issue with a fake map on procrasti-nation

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Researchers Find Crippling Flaws In GPS Receivers

Slashdot is discussing a story named Researchers Find Crippling Flaws In Global GPS, which is really about flaws in receivers, not the GNSS satellites themselves.

The Slashdot summary: "Researchers have developed attacks capable of crippling Global Positioning System infrastructure critical to the navigation of a host of military and civilian technologies including planes, ships and unamed drones. The novel remote attacks can be made against consumer and professional-grade receivers using $2500 worth of custom-built equipment. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Coherent Navigation detailed the attacks in a paper. (pdf)"

More from the article: "The researchers said their work differed from existing GPS jamming and spoofing attacks because it detailed a larger attack surface "by viewing GPS as a computer system". This included analysis of GPS protocol messages and operating systems, the GPS software stack and how errors affect dependent systems."

We mentioned several times GPS spoofing in the past, including a DIY GPS jammer.

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Mobile GPS Tracking capability on JCB ruggedized mobile phones

November 13th. Vismo GPS tracking installed on the JCB Toughphone Pro-Smart is ideal for organisations operating in harsh, inhospitable, high risk areas of the World. Aimed at the Oil and Exploration market and those organisations involved in construction in high risk areas, the Vismo/Pro-Smart combination is robust and ready for action in environments where other handsets would be unsuitable. The JCB handset has IP67 certification and is both water and dust proof with the bulky shell protecting delicate innards from unfortunate bumps and drops.

Installing Vismo on the JCB Toughphone enables your security team to track, protect and respond to employees as they travel to higher-risk areas of the world. Vismo provides regular GPS locations direct to a secure web platform as well as the ability to view current locations and historical trails. Each smart phone has a panic button which triggers E-mail and SMS alerts in real time to key contacts along with a 20 second covert audio recording from the device.

The ability to pin-point a member of the team on the ground and correlate their position, respective to high risk areas, is key to maintaining the safety and security of individuals. Additionally, if a member of staff finds themselves in a crisis situation, the ability to locate the exact position and give appropriate advice is vital and could save lives. Precise GPS location fixes and the availability of historical trails during crisis situations around the world has resulted in many organisations turning to Vismo as a method of ensuring their employees stay safe.

Full access demonstrations are available directly from Vismo.

About Vismo:

Vismo is an innovative patent pending technology which has been developed in response to customer demand by Cellhire, a leading Global Service Provider of mobile communications with offices in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and Japan. Vismo is available on multiple platforms including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Thuraya and Iridium satellite phones.

Cellhire and Vismo are members of the BlackBerry SELECT Alliance Program.

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